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In 2016, voters in Minnesota turned out in droves and Hawaiians didn’t bother

It’s more than a month after the US election and most—but not all—of the votes have been counted. Although it only took a few hours of tallying to tell that Donald Trump had prevailed, sifting through the provisional, absentee, and contested ballots can take weeks. 245 more words

On “Influencing” The Election Vs “Attempting to Influence”

Technology is an interesting thing. Using it to communicate is continually evolving. Using it to change behavior is really evolving. By using advertisements and social media campaigns, companies are always attempting to influence behaviors. 365 more words

Macro Social Work

Ivy starts campaign wearing saree gifted by Shamim Osman?

A Facebook post on Selina Hayat Ivy’s campaign for Narayanganj City Corporation election “wearing a saree gifted by Shamim Osman” goes viral on the social media. 270 more words


Versus: The Amiga Demo Chart - Voting Deadline!

Hello guys,

As some of you might know, we’re currently gathering votes for our upcoming Amiga demo chart (Versus).

Just wanted you to know that the deadline for voting is Sunday this weekend, so this is your last chance to submit votes for the upcoming issue. 97 more words


Here’s a suggestion:

1. Meet in local library meeting room the first Saturday of each month. Meeting times are by precinct (neighborhood – about 300 houses).

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Eco Peace

Pretentious Amazon reviewers are my pet peeves.

I look for general advice, and they go on about the standards of judgment, the parameters of investigation, and the justification of their rating. This is a direct quote towards the end of one critique… “I started to give this book 4 stars, wanted to give it 3.5 (not an option) and settled on 3.” I’m sure the half star will be dearly missed by every apathetic browser on Amazon. 341 more words

On Political Action

I stumbled upon an important article by Anthony Downs (1957) on political action in a democracy. I was not aware of this article, but it is very topical these days. 397 more words