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The Parody of Politics

As autumn draws in, there’s a generalised darkened mood over in these parts. I am, as some on Twitter would describe me a “liberal lefty”, although I prefer to think of myself as a humanist. 677 more words

Why Donald Trump's 'Ballot Watchers' Might Be Illegal

Donald Trump’s repeated calls for supporters to gather friends and family to monitor their polling places for cases of voter fraud raises a thorny question: When, exactly, do “ballot security” measures cross the line into illegal acts of voter intimidation? 982 more words

There are other things to vote for...

The ridiculousness of this presidential election has a lot of people focused on only the presidential race. Even worse, it has a lot of people saying they are going to sit it out altogether. 220 more words

Ways To Change The World

Hail to the Chief

Hail to the Chief

Democracy is so precious that it has to be rationed,
voting must be guided least it undermine the nation.
A confederation of complacent parasites… 143 more words


Rigged election? George Soros controls voting machines in 16 US states

I got an email about the political material I’ve been posting and they mentioned the electoral college. I know all about the Electoral College. It’s a flawed system, although some people will debate that. 668 more words


Transportation biggest roadblock to voting in Eastern Coachella Valley

Voting by mail is becoming more common across the country. But it’s an essential link to civic engagement for people in Eastern Coachella Valley without cars. 37 more words



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