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Agree or Disagree: There are reasons NOT to Vote

Tomorrow is election day. You have been encouraged to go out to vote. Some of you will…..

But most of you won’t…….

Mike Morrison wrote this article about the many reasons not to vote. 72 more words


100% Factually Accurate: Pre-Election Special

After a range of pilot episodes and many discussions I’m very pleased that I can now release the first official episode of my new joint project ‘100% Factually Accurate’, a podcast about politics and the online media. 82 more words

UK Elections

Politics!....Don't Worry, It's a Short One

Hey Everyone!

“Nahhhh…that’s for old people.” Since I turned 18 that’s always been my answer to the age old question, “Are you voting this year?” However, this year’s a little different. 571 more words

Are you voting?

I don’t feel particularly ’empowered’ by voting or the thought of it, in fact I feel powerless, and have done for a long time now. 594 more words

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Voter Apathy

The racists are voting, as are the rich, the bankers, and the corporate tax-dodgers. When you feel strongly about something, or if you have a lot to lose, you’ll go out of your way to make a stand for it. 587 more words

The "Ballot-X" Factor: A UK Election 2015 Post

Belated International Workers’ Day greetings, everyone! The general election is in a few days, and while I type this I’m finding it hard not to squeal like a Directioner on helium. 1,280 more words