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ep03 00:17~00:37 produce101 full / center selection/ 센터 선발전/center voting

The Illuminati is controlling the government

As you may already know, that Trump is currently the president of the United States.Well there is a theory behind why this is, the theory is that Trump is put in that position as a pawn for the new world order, because an ex member of the illuminati exposed their plan. 70 more words

Russia's only independent pollster has been blocked ahead of this year's presidential election

The Levada Center has long served as a crucial member of Russian civil society. The pollster has published the country’s only independent surveys, since it split from state-run VTsIOM in 2003, providing unique insights into Russians’ views about politics, economics, culture, and much else besides. 408 more words

Wisconsin progressives need to build a bigger boat

For the last 25 years, the Democrats’ economic message has centered on Social Security, Medicare and “my employer-provided pension is under assault.” While these are all critical issues, they don’t relate well to the daily lives of people under 50, and don’t speak specifically to women or people of color. > Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

DMV relocations wouldn't just hamper drivers, but also voters

It’s bad enough that Wisconsin Republicans have gone out of their way to make it harder for many Wisconsin citizens to exercise their civic duty to vote with an onerous voter ID law — now state government is making it even harder to get those IDs in the first place. > Cap Times

Sauk County attorney challenges legality of planned gerrymandering referendum

An eleventh-hour legal opinion has injected uncertainty into the Sauk County Board battle over a possible referendum on gerrymandering this spring. > Baraboo News Republic

“Electoral Commission clears Remain campaign over allegations from Conservative MP”

The complaint was made by ex-Tory Minister Priti Patel, who was fired from (sorry “resigned from”) Theresa May’s Cabinet for having had numerous unauthorised meetings with Israeli politicians while “on holiday” in the country. 236 more words