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DIY: No Soliciting Sign

After moving into our freshly built home we had about 10 different sales men/women, obnoxiously banging on our door and repetitively ringing our door bell, a day. 244 more words


The Gay Rights Movement is not equal to the Civil Rights Movement. Stop saying it is

A new battle for the presidency is brewing and with it lots of political talk. Open political debate is at the heart of the first amendment and I stand behind that 100%. 671 more words


[Exit, pursued by a hunter]

Inhabitants of the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo are currently in the run-up to a referendum. The subject? Spring hunting, yay or nay? We do love a referendum here on the Maltese Islands, and it is a truth universally acknowledged that any political decision comes with a whole lot of trash-talk. 428 more words


Quid Pro Quo RE: Gun Rights/Migrants

Says an Oregon Democrat!   (in part)

Calling it the “civil rights battle” for millennials that will decide who controls the the country for the next three decades, Democrat Rep.

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Civic Involvement: Engaging the Previously Un-Engaged

People don’t know what they don’t know. This is a phrase that I’ve heard many times from colleagues who lament the fact that information is often not readily available to those that need it. 640 more words

Current Events

A Journey of Faith, is turning into a Christian suspense novel

Is my inspiration running dry? Not so much, especially last night and this morning. Let’s just say the incident that Becca Martin witnessed was an accident, but someone may have caused the accident to play a dirty trick on the patrons who love to visit Sweet Water Park to go climbing and biking. 90 more words