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How could we encourage organ donation?

On December 23, 1954, Richard Herrick received the first successful live-organ transplant, a kidney, from his identical twin Ronald. The surgery was performed by a team led by Dr. 502 more words

New Mexico

Linda Lyle – “I do not believe that the voucher system will have any impact on the NM school. Here is my thinking:

To attend our school, a student must meet the entrance criteria so the mission remains intact. 148 more words

Voucher System

South Dakota

Marje Kaiser – “Vouchers in general aren’t much discussed in SD. Towns are just too small. There are some church affiliated schools especially in larger cities, but that’s probably not more than a dozen towns. 82 more words

Voucher System


Todd Reeves – “I’m not sure about the voucher systems and how they could impact PA.  Right now PA is very immersed in the charter school challenges, especially concerning equitable funding. 51 more words

Voucher System

New Jersey

David Feinhals – St. Joseph’s – “I’ve kept up on email updates from all of the pertinent membership organizations about the voucher system and, if I’m understanding it correctly, I’m not concerned for St. 201 more words

Voucher System


Sally Shriener – “As for the voucher movement ….. I don’t know much about them.  We don’t even have charter schools in Nebraska. Our public schools have really banned together to fight that.  57 more words

Voucher System


 Steve Gettel – “Thanks for the question though I’m not sure Iowa is a good test case for effect.  I’ve described in some detail what I think the impact of a state legislated voucher program would have on our BVI services in Iowa.  905 more words

Voucher System