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The Procedural Phenomenom

Over at Bio Break there is a post looking at procedural generation and the reasons why the technology, and implementation doesn’t appeal to him. My comment looked like it was going to get a bit to big so…. 748 more words


Mine-draft a suggestion to Mojang

It’s a voxel-based game.
Is it Dwarf Fortress?
It’s got real* graphics.
Dungeon keeper?
It’s first-person.
Minecraft! 859 more words


This is my first tileset: Basic skeleton characters, including warriors, hounds, horsemenskeletons, champions, sorcerer, concubine and king. It’s a static set, with no animations. Characters pose like chess pieces, so they’re intended for static art or… 125 more words


It's almost like 2D minecraft!

I’ve been working on a little coding challenge for unity3D this week (although I haven’t worked on it pretty much at ALL), and I finally have something to show for it. 73 more words


Trove Online Tambahkan Job Candy Barbarian

TroveĀ Online baru saja menambah Candy Barbarian dalam jajaran job di gamenya, yap candy alias permen.

Watch More @ http://toraheki.com/trove-online-tambahkan-job-candy-barbarian/

New class in Trove

Fantastic voxel MMO adventure game Trove got a new class called Candy Barbarian. 93 more words


SkySaga, Game Berbasis Voxel Pertama Dari Radiant Worlds

Selain mencoba mengambil perhatian gamer dengan game hack-and-slashnya di G-Star 2014, denga game terbarunya “Lost Ark”, Smilegate juga berencana mengembangkan bisninya ke wilayah barat, dengan Radiant World, studio game dari inggris, yang disponsori oleh Smilegate, baru – baru ini mengumumkan game pertama mereka SkySaga… 6 more words