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【Voxel】黒子のバスケ·キセキの世代 篇


初版 黑子哲也·Kuroko Tetsuya


黑子哲也·Kuroko Tetsuya

青峰大辉· Aomine Daiki

黄濑凉太·Kise Ryota

绿间真太郎·Midorima Shintarou

紫原敦·Murasakibara Atsushi

赤司征十郎·Akashi Seijuro

桃井五月·Momoi Satsuki

【 ☀キセキの世代 篇·OVER☀】


Petalburg City - Voxel

Click here for the 3D version!


by Siraphine
on Sketchfab

Full 3D voxel files are available for view and download on my Sketchfab profile: https://skfb.ly/Y8YO 9 more words


December Update


I haven’t done one of these in a while but don’t worry, we are still all working away on Astraeus., So, what’s new? Well, the UI is really coming along, I have now settled on the Neon/Sci-fi style for the game as it makes more sense aesthetically, and also I just couldn’t get the more graffiti-esque style to look nice enough. 456 more words

Game Dev

JOLED - a 3D Flip Dot Display

Flip-Dot displays are so awesome that they’re making a comeback. But awesome is nothing when you can have an insane flip-dot display that is three-dimensional with the dots floating in mid-air. 259 more words

Tech Hacks

(PRE-ALPHA) dot big bang - a free voxel editor w/ game creation (PLUS ME-MADE CREATIONS)

Today I am going to talk about dot big bang, a voxel editor! It is currently in pre-alpha. (This article is assuming that you know what voxels are; 3D pixels.) 255 more words


Voxel Volumes

At last, something exciting! This is a tool that admittedly, might not have a huge amount of use, but does have some fun features to play with. 958 more words


Truck City: Modularity

Hello everyone,

Here I’m again talking a lil’ bit about Truck City.

This time I’ve got a video Showcasing Modular aspect of the game, and how easy is to create levels thanks to this aspect. 10 more words