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WIP: Truck City Update 2

Hi all again…

From now on, I’ll write Truck City Updates in English, if possible.

Why? Well, because what started as a little project it’s consuming more and more time, and also it’s morphing from a… 741 more words


Think about how the Voxel Chair by Vondom would look in your house!

Voxel Armchair by Vondom. The Voxel chair is a minimally simple yet voluminous mono-bloc polypropylene stacking chair that is faceted


“One More Pass” by SuperSike Games is a mix between a football game and an endless runner, where you can costumize your team, acquire special players with unique abilities and do your best to just keep passing the ball and scoring goals while avoiding the adversaries through an ever changing landscape. 10 more words


Dev Log 7 - Editing Voxels + Collision

Tis the second part of the dev log that’s not the second part.

So what did I want to do? Place and remove voxels! How would I do that? 482 more words


Dev Log 6 - Multithreading

Hello! So it has been a bit of a while since I did my last dev log, like a long bit of a while. I was just really busy with school and life and stuff, but I’m back now! 551 more words


VR Optional, Free-Running Required: Lemma Review

Lemma is a first-person platformer set in a surreal, dream-like universe. The main gameplay revolves around parkour-style free-running similar to Mirror’s Edge. Lemma was made over the course of five years by a single developer, Evan Todd. 1,170 more words


Development, Start!

Where we are now!

So, it’s been a while since the last update, but I have a team assembled now and the construction of the demo is underway! 348 more words

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