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This model took a lot of work to do, and to erase most of it and redo and so on.

It’s not perfect but I’m going to leave it for now. 14 more words


Some new stuff

Haven’t posted for a while but I’ve done some work.

First up the Mareel where I’ve taken out the actual mareel as I couldn’t really get it to work. 19 more words



Not sure if I liked the way the mareel turned out. I’ll have to tweak it a bit I think.

It doesn’t look very natural right now. 9 more words


Background tweak

I realized that the white background made the picture that much lighter which detracted from it. Only change is grey background instead of white.


Stiching it together

Got a bit further and I’ve started stitching the different scenes together to a larger one. I had to change the orientation of the scenes which bothers me a bit but I hope it turns out ok in the end.


Making it larger

After some thinking and discussing with a friend I decided to make it larger. The idea now is the wood cutters cottage.