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Voxel Fire

Augmented particle system to support voxels

and another using particles instead of flat shading:

Rameses Gets .vox Import

Just finished an imported for MagicaVoxel .vox files.

Using the collapse function, you can see 2 imported files. you can also see that they have not been optimised.

Before and After

Here we can see the before shot – note the grass and flowers

And here with voxel plants added which are now colored and swaying

Latest Updates

Internally the 3d system have been modified to support dynamic objects.

This means there is no physical limit on how many objects, vertex, colors, etc that Rameses can support. 21 more words

[WEB SITE] Vaughan Bell: the trouble with brain scans

Neuroscientists have long been banging their heads on their desks over exaggerated reports of brain scanning studies. Media stories illustrated with coloured scans, supposedly showing how the brain works, are now a standard part of the science pages and some people find them so convincing that they are touted as ways of designing education for our children, evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and testing potential recruits. 337 more words

Automatic Vertex Occlusion

It’s now possible to collapse voxels into a shape. Although not fully optimised, this does automatically add vertex colours to create instant occlusion.



and After: