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Reseña de MagicaVoxel

Hola estimados lectores, hoy como nunca antes, inauguro una nueva sección o categoría en este blog, nombrada Review. Quería comentarles que en esta nueva sección deseo referirme a diversos programas que yo he utilizado para el desarrollo de videojuegos, sobre todo aquellos que me han parecido lo suficientemente atractivos para ser estudiados por ustedes o al menos para que los prueben. 859 more words


Dense Voxelization into a Sparsely Allocated 3D Lattice

Sparsely allocated (partially resident) textures are exposed through an OpenGL extension (GL_ARB_sparse_texture), allowing us to allocate virtual textures as a portion of the GPU’s virtual addressing space, and commit to physical memory only specific pages as needed. 1,979 more words


BitDrones are Awesome, Ridiculous at Same Time

At first we thought it was awesome, then we thought it was ridiculous, and now we’re pretty much settled on “ridiculawesome”.

Bitdrones is a prototype of a human-computer interaction that uses tiny quadcopters as pixels in a 3D immersive display. 516 more words


TerraVol performance optimization patch: Thread-local caching to avoid lock contention

Snowman Scuffle has dynamic snow that is built by landing snowballs, destroyed by explosions and absorbed for health by snowmen by rolling in it.  It is built on… 1,025 more words


It's Voxels Not Pixels: Still an Awesome Movie

Hi everyone!

So, last weekend I went with my family to watch the new movie, PIXELS!

And my bro in true brotherly fashion corrected me and said that the pixels were actually voxels….thought you might wanna know and we are moving on. 238 more words



Was my reaction when I conceived of and blocked in an economics simulator into my engine… I still can’t generate useful terrain but once I get around that hurdle and implement a city generator I’ll have a game with a sprawling dynamic economy as in real life where the AI and players can either make or break it (and fix it, no matter how severe a depression is ultimately temporary; mind the game could end up in a state of widespread famine where every NPC or the vast majority die from starvation, the player doesn’t need to eat except in hardcore mode because a lot of players, me included, find such things tedious and annoying). 757 more words


Taking a break from simplex

so instead I worked on tweaking render performance, I wasn’t pushing acceptable framerates and the reason for why is of course that I was pushing almost 7,000 draw calls every frame. 223 more words