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Automatic Vertex Occlusion

It’s now possible to collapse voxels into a shape. Although not fully optimised, this does automatically add vertex colours to create instant occlusion.



and After:


Rameses Voxel Blocks and Color

Added the ability to add/remove multiple voxels at any time.

Also Rameses full color options are now available (tint, modify existing color, replace color).

There is also logical voxel checking, This check for the existence of a voxel at a position and won’t duplicate them. 11 more words

First Voxels

Just really seeing what they look like and how to improve ease of input

Rameses gets Quick & Dirty Voxels

Very small addition to Rameses is voxels.

voxels are single object cubes. the UI has been updated to cater for them:

The object list has been updated to show the actual voxel colors to make for easier editing. 33 more words

And SeedWorld is back... and on MonoGame

My hobby programming plate was kind of full at one moment. In addition to the game idea I have for Project SeedWorld, I have started working on a Pong-based game for Mini LD 58, and I also have my open-source Bummerman game. 622 more words


Right... Posting

Because that’s a thing… that I’ve not done which I should have done but I forgot.

Anyway, what was it I wanted to write again? No idea, I’ll just write whatever my fingers decide to write because I forgot to charge my brain o-o… 437 more words

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