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Table Driven, Linear, Adaptive CMS

Output on iq’s example on shadertoy, grey/yellow triangle indicate where we are borrowing our neighbors generated face feature points


Describe a method of implementing Cubical Marching Squares. 1,368 more words


A level of detail method for blocky voxels

Large voxel terrains may contain millions of polygons.  Rendering such terrains at a uniform scale is both inefficient and can lead to aliasing of distant objects.  1,047 more words


Voxel lighting

Been a long time since I’ve written anything here.  Lately I’ve been working on a new multiplayer WebGL voxel engine for codemao (an educational platform to teach kids programming via games).  948 more words


VOXEL // Medieval CATsle

SKETCHFAB 3D MODEL // https://skfb.ly/6vGAQ 

This is the type of silly idea that I had to do today, even if just as a quick draft in between commissioned work. 58 more words


Comanche: Maximum Overkill, PC

Novalogic released a series of Comanche helicopter combat games in the 1990s. They began with the excellent Comanche: Maximum Overkill in 1992, and continued on with them until… 62 more words

3D Graphics

VOXELS // "Lurker at the Road House"

It’s been a while since the last time I worked with voxels. Now that I’m currently back to the 3D pixelart thanks to some commission work, I’ve decided to spend a little time practicing and warming up with silly little personal pieces, specially to understand better… 33 more words


Year of the Toucan

Timmy 2 Cans by Tim Frost on Sketchfab

2018 will be the Year of the Toucan, and Timmy 2 Cans will be the Mayor of Your Town.