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Armored Core Needs a Reboot, Not a Sequel

As From Software’s focus shifts towards the PlayStation 4 hit Bloodborne and the continuation of their breakout Souls series, which could be seen as the company’s first major breakthrough hit in western games markets, one of the developer’s longer standing franchises… 1,063 more words


Taking a break from simplex

so instead I worked on tweaking render performance, I wasn’t pushing acceptable framerates and the reason for why is of course that I was pushing almost 7,000 draw calls every frame. 223 more words


rant about simplex noise, incompetence and stuff.

2111111111111111221111111 … 1111122111111

That’s the output of the simplex noise I’m using… what does this mean? How does it work? Don’t ask me, I’m just as baffled. 357 more words


[insert witty title here]

Really more of a screenshot dump than a real post with a lot of text content.

That’s some fine programmer art right there, I got the noise function working (this being a 32^3 chunk of the world just ripped out and displayed on its own, the triangle count is ludicrous because I haven’t implemented greedy meshing yet (because I haven’t implemented texture atlas loading or shader parsing yet, both of which are required to do greedy meshing and more importantly texturing said meshes) 241 more words


Chocolate is the new gravel

As usual I don’t really have anything to write about so therefore I should write random inchoerent things instead, but I don’t really have anything incoherent to write either so I’ll instead just post a code snippet from my project. 256 more words


Voxelnauts Hopes to Build a New World From Humble Kickstarter Beginnings

Having a creative mind is a blessing so long as you’ve got the materials to feed it. When you were growing up, you likely had something like LEGO or even Lincoln Logs, tools that your family used to channel that innovative nature we all have latent within us into something useful. 1,137 more words

Early Access

Voxel Fire

Augmented particle system to support voxels

and another using particles instead of flat shading: