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2016 momentum

I’ve been getting up at 4:30 am each weekday, and gaining that extra time that I needed.

Especially in the creative career, with all of the components on the table, at times success has remained elusive, or I’ve felt scattered. 367 more words



Words are a river flowing through us all. For centuries, the current was a slow trickle from one mouth to another. Writing and then the printing press quickened the stream. 611 more words


At This Point in Time: Columbus' First Voyage

“Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream” has a reference to Christopher Columbus which is still significant:
‘But the funniest thing was/When I was leavin’ the bay/I saw three ships a-sailin’/They were all heading my way/I asked the captain what his name was/And how come he didn’t drive a truck/He said his name was Columbus/I just said, “Good luck”’ 957 more words

Things change forever when you live abroad

Because when you move away, when you turn your life into a journey filled with uncertainty, you grow up in unexpected ways.” Angie Castells… 3,846 more words

Abu Dhabi

Creativity Quotes

Thanks to my creative friend Angela G for letting me use this shot of flowers in her garden. (Pretty garden and great shot, Ang!) I think it really suits the quote. 11 more words

Kindling Creativity

Finding Your SoulMate or Whatever You are Supposed to Find

Finding Your SoulMate or Whatever You are Supposed to Find
Live Online Spiritual Class, Internet
16th Nov 2014, Sunday

‘Finding Your SoulMate’ will help you engage with the life that you always knew that you should have but never did by giving you the principles which make it happen. 19 more words


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

— Marcel Proust