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voyage of travel

for the meaning

and what it held

and cause on the celebrating

and its own cover

and long on the level

and when it was the having… 45 more words


Greece, the best places to go!

1/ Crete: beautiful beaches, mountains, old towns

2/ Athens: amazing Street-art, nightlife and beautiful ancient sites

3/ Santorini: World’s most romantic island & sunset

…Red beach… 9 more words


Peru, the best places to go!

1/ Machu Picchu, Trek to the 7th Wonder of the World

2/ Holy Valley of the Incas, amazing ruins, villages, people…

3/ Lima, live a summer in Miraflores… 17 more words


Polish your Polish Adventures with Krakow: Wow at Wawel Castle!

Krakow doesn’t want to let you go. After an emotionally heavy tour of the Auschwitz and Birkenau Death Camps, we returned to Krakow to enjoy the remaining sunshine before we wanted to take up the train to Warsaw. 552 more words


Mofo voatavo

Fomba fikarakarana mofo voatavo amin’ny fomba tsotra sy gasigasy. Isany: 30 pièces Fotoana hiketrehana azy: 10 mn Fotoana hikarakarana azy: 10 mn   Akora Ilaina   250g voatavo, 2 atody, 175g siramamy, 250g farine, rano, menaka. 36 more words