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Paris Champs Elysees

A different view of the most beautiful and luxurious avenue in Paris, that’s what I want to show you in this post.

Everybody knows this : 13 more words

Everything Important ...

Pour les âmes qui s'envolent...

Perle de pluie mille fois perdue

Dans le va et vient chaotique

Des jours qui passent

Tu t’envoles

Au-dessus des toits

Des maisons, tu quittes la terre… 97 more words

Février 2017

Brunch at east village / 브런치

이번 프레지던스 위크 일요일은 봄날씨의 따사로움이 있었어요. 그리고 대학간 딸도 집에오고 해서 한국에서 온 동생,조카와 썬데이 브런치를 먹으로 뉴욕시티로 향했죠. 날씨가 좋아서 도로에 차도 많고 사람도 많고 살짝 후회가 밀려왔어요.

NY/NJ Life

A sunny stroll in Berlin

The next day, Friday, I walked a lot. It is pity I didn’t have my FitBit watch to track my day and the number of kilometres I made. 537 more words


To the Sound of Ganzas - Matamoe landscape with peacocks by Paul Gauguin

The landscape of the island is a washed out mosaic of colours. The rich palette of shades contains all the stories in the world. Just by looking at the gradients disgorge onto one another, I can feel the warmth of the oranges and yellows coming out from the canvas and lighting up my face. 286 more words