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Travel Log 3 “Betwixt and Between...so this is Liminality.” by Mazel Genfi London, England

The first week in London has been a major whirlwind for me. And it took me by storm. I actually went into London with open arms,trying to make myself feel at home. 620 more words

Travel Log 5 “Conversations” by Chase Chiga. Shanghai, China

For my cultural interview, I talked with my Chinese roommate Louis to get his perspective on Chinese culture. Louis is a Chinese citizen born in a city in Inner Mongolia, a large province in northern china boarding Mongolia, and graduated from Fudan last spring. 654 more words

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Travel Log 5: "Conversations" by Daniela Scotto. Rome, Italy

Cultural viewpoints widely differ, even within different parts of the United States. Because of this, I am always fascinated at how something I find so habitual and ‘normal’ can be considered rude or odd in another culture. 1,485 more words

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Travel Log 4 “Studying Abroad...It's More than Just a Walk in the Park” By JonCarlo DeFeudis. Sevilla, Spain.

These past couple weeks have certainly been a blur to say the least but through my daily excursions and habit of journal writing I can culminate together my walks through urban Sevilla through my eyes for you all.  2,814 more words

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Travel Log 5: "Conversations" by Rachel Marino. Florence, Italy

I chose to meet with one of the leaders from my program affiliate, his name is Alessandro.  I chose to meet with him because him and his colleague, Linda have taken us to dinner and breakfast and shown us the city a few times, however I don’t know either of them personally.  944 more words

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Travel Log 5: “Conversations” by Katheryn DeMarey. Florence, Italy

I’ve met loads of new people throughout the past few weeks in Florence and found it quite difficult to pick just one person to interview. After some thought I decided to ask my soccer coach, Rino Punzo if he would be willing to sit down with me for an hour or so. 865 more words

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Travel Log 4: “Study Abroad … It’s More Than Just a Walk in the Park” By Casey Keohan – Gold Coast, Australia

Each morning since I have arrived in the Gold Coast, I have gotten up, made my breakfast, and headed out to the balcony to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful city I get to call home. 990 more words

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