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Travel Log 14: "Global Connections and Rites of Separation " By JonCarlo DeFeudis. Seville, Spain.

In Chapter 2 of Becoming World Wise: A Guide to Global Learning Richard Slimbach profoundly states, “If we allow, global learning will not only carry us into the world around us, but also into this world within.” (p. 816 more words

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Travelogue 15: "There`s no place like Home? Rites of Reincorporation" by Dejanay Richardson. Bronx, New York

When I landed at the John F Kennedy Airport in New York City, I knew my trip had come to an end and that I would have to reincorporate myself back into the regular routine. 826 more words

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Hubble Provides Interstellar Road Map for Voyagers’ Galactic Trek

NASA’s two Voyager spacecraft are hurtling through unexplored territory on their road trip beyond our solar system. Along the way, they are measuring the interstellar medium, the mysterious environment between stars. 941 more words


Travel Log 15 "There's no place like home? Rites of Reincorporation" by Christina Mercugliano. Cheshire, CT

A semester abroad has been something I thought about and envisioned for myself ever since high school. When I looked for colleges, I specifically inquired as to where it would even be possible for me to go abroad as a pre-med student. 676 more words


Travel Log 15: "There's No Place Like Home? Rites of Reincorporation" by Daniela Scotto. Morristown, New Jersey

Many would argue that it is difficult leaving home, venturing off into the uncomfortable and frightening unknown. After my time abroad, I would have to disagree; returning home to the known, habitual, and… 1,485 more words

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Travel Log 15 "There's No Place Like Home? Rites of Reincorporation." By JonCarlo DeFeudis. Holliston, Massachusetts.

My return back to the states was a grueling 18 hour trek consisting of a two large suitcases, a handful of crumpled plane tickets, a red-eye bus ride, and 3 airports, and 2 flights. 1,230 more words

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Travel Log 15: “There’s No Place Like Home? Rites of Reincorporation” by Katheryn DeMarey. Hampden, MA

The word ‘home’ once seemed like a safe haven, the spot where we grew up and our parents now reside…but the closer my return flight came, the more daunting the word ‘home’ seemed. 589 more words

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