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H.D. says:

“We are voyagers,
of the not-known,
the unrecorded;
we have no map;
possibly we will reach haven,

Katheryn DeMarey - Florence, Italy.

Traveling is not something my family is familiar with. I’ve grown up with smaller vacations to Maine and New Hampshire but never out of the country. 306 more words

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Rachel Marino -Florence, Italy

I chose to study abroad because this opportunity will be a unique experience unlike any other that I will embark upon in my life. I am eager to learn more about the culture I grew up always getting a taste of. 226 more words

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Casey Keohan - Gold Coast, Australia

Growing up, I used to occasionally accompany my mom to work on my days off from school. While she was teaching, I would stand in the hallway of the education building at Stonehill College, admiring the pictures of the students who had studied abroad the previous semester. 464 more words

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Giana Sorrentino- Barcelona, Spain

I chose to study abroad because it is a very popular program here at Quinnipiac University. My sister, a Quinnipiac alumni traveled abroad to Rome, Italy for a summer term her sophomore year of college. 360 more words

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Chase Chiga - Shanghai, China

I choose to study abroad because I’ve always been interested in experiencing other cultures and seeing the world beyond just the United States. As an International business major I will hopefully end up traveling and experiencing the world but in a way having my first experience as part of school seems like it will be a bit safer and probably even better of an experience than if I was traveling just for work. 289 more words

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Mazel B. Genfi- London, England

When I say, I haven’t been anywhere. I HAVEN’T BEEN ANYWHERE. The last time I flew on a plane I was four . And, even being from New York City, trust and believe me when I say I’ve only been to like two landmarks! 357 more words

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