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Travel Log 9: “Exploring Stereotypes” by Rachel Marino. Florence, Italy

Stereotypes exist in every country, in every culture and can be applied to every group of people; yet it is no secret that many stereotypes will be discredited after learning about a culture or talking with someone from this culture for only a few minutes.  852 more words

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Travel Log 8: "Global Responsibility" Part 2 by Micaela Buttner. Gold Coast, Australia

“Studying abroad or vacation?” This was a frequent question I used to get before coming to Australia. Still on my Facebook posts my family and friends will comment things such as: “Wow! 529 more words

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Travel Log 7: "Global Responsibility" Part 1 by Micaela Buttner. Gold Coast, Australia

The media and the world completely ignored the events that were occurring during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. In the documentary, Shake Hands with the Devil: Roméo Dallaire… 508 more words

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Travel Log 6: The Mindful Traveler by Mazel B. Genfi London, England

Wow, it’s about to mark a month since I’ve been here and London is still a roller-coaster for me. I’m still managing and learning the ropes as I go and even learning more about myself. 631 more words

Travel Log 8 "Global Responsibility Part 2" by Christina Mercugliano. Rome, Italy.

In “Becoming World Wise,” Slimbach describes a consumerist/entitlement attitude of American students studying abroad. He describes “pampered twenty-somethings who leave home with little preparation, arrive at the program site largely clueless, and rarely break away from the exclusive company of other foreigners; who dress and act oblivious to the subtleties of local culture, and judge everything by the standards of home; who hang out in western-style eateries, party in the international dorms or local clubs, all the while demeaning local ways, which they understand poorly… who then carry back to campus… little of the new cultural knowledge, language ability, and perspective change that marks a well traveled mind” (Slimbach 36). 435 more words


Travel Log 7 "Global Responsibility" by Christina Mercugliano. Rome, Italy.

The particular political cartoon I choose specifically focuses on the lack of media attention paid to the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. The documentary “Shake Hands with the Devil” chronicles the journey of Roméo Dallaire, the Canadian general who directed the United Nations mission in Rwanda, as he returns to Rwanda after 10 years. 387 more words


Travel Log 7: “Global Responsibility” Part 1 by Casey Keohan. Gold Coast, Australia

The Rwandan Genocide was the mass slaughtering of members of the Tutsi tribe by members of the Hutu tribe in the African country. The Hutus felt that, because they made up a majority of the population, that the minority Tutsi group was no longer deserving of their essential Human Rights. 545 more words

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