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More from Jack and Bob: "Obama Campaign Fails Physics"

Jack and Bob have surfaced at the bar atop the Washington Hotel. Normally, they would lean on the bar, but tonight there is a  storm rolling in from the west, and the sky behind the White House is dark gray. 498 more words

White House

Secret White House Meetings? Has Anybody Seen Joe?

Seems like a good time to reprise a post from a few weeks ago, which has apparently aged like fine wine:
You may have heard the rumors over the past few weeks—the suggestions that Obama might replace Biden on the ticket, perhaps with Hillary Clinton. 602 more words

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Let 'em eat cake...

The annual Ojai Playwrights Conference is in town.  That’s where a bunch of writers take money from locals like me to watch a half-finished play performed by people wearing t-shirts, jeans and sandals, reading from three-ring notebooks on a stage that has no scenery, no props, no music.  923 more words


Romney-Plan for 2012

It’s official.

Mitt Romney has chosen the Ryan Plan for his running mate.
The Romney-Plan ticket will have great success if offered boldly to the American Public. 343 more words

The fine art of presentation distraction: Romney creates a Ryan smokescreen

For a big distraction, go with a big crazy decision

by Peter Watts

“Look! A polar bear!”

It’s the classic presenter smoke-screen, and sometimes it can even work! 677 more words

Tips From The Top

Romney VP Announcement to Be Made @ 9AM Saturday, in Norfolk VA on the USS Wisconsin

Not long after it was reported that a charter plane had been dispatched from Boston to Wisconsin, another report hinted at Secret Service arrivals in Wisconsin. 206 more words