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A (Not So Quick) Update

As promised, here is my catch up post on what’s been going on at Casa de Mo since we last chatted.

Ok, so the last real post I did was to announce that I had been chosen as a Stork OTC product ambassador for October-December of 2017. 1,789 more words


Preemie Awareness Month

It’s that time again!

I saw this poem today and wanted to share.

It reminds me of hearing all the stats in the NICU about how small and early LMM was, and how she might have this problem or that one. 40 more words

Headaches Again? Living with Hydrocephalus 

Moving Too Fast

The other day I bumped the crap out of my head while arranging some school books under the living room counter. I lifted uo too fast and I felt excruciating pain on the back of my head. 138 more words


Brain Surgery #5

First of all, Little Miss Minion is doing well and we are home. Don’t let the title of this post scare you.
Monday night, we noticed that LMM was acting like she had a headache. 513 more words


At the end of April when Wyatt was 6 months old I started getting really concerned about his head shape. He never laid on the back of his head and he wouldn’t turn to the left. 717 more words

Hydrocephalus Awareness Month!

Happy September!

September is Hydrocephalus Awareness month. In case you are a new reader, my daughter Little Miss Minion was born 12 weeks early and developed hydro as the result of a series of complications from an infection, sepsis, and meningitis. 94 more words


Wyatt’s stroke caused a large blood bleed to block the normal cerebral fluid from running its course through the body. This resulted in hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and has no cure yet. 690 more words