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Fastly approaching 32

The day I typically take as nothing but another regular day I congratulate my achievement on surviving another year on this planet. Strange right? Well after a month-long hospital stay, and surviving two major surgeries I feel tough like concrete. 143 more words

Cowdens Syndrome for Dummies

You know it makes no sense to me how so many doctors can share differences in opinions regarding treatment. It’s seriously baffling and at times confusing how do I treat what I’ve been told is going to be a problem when nobody is saying the tests are necessary!? 185 more words

My New Normal

Whew, this week has killed me in a variety of ways but I’m working on my new normal. My life is different, my individual self is evolving, and now I’m starting to see my strength. 180 more words

Brain Shunt

The highs and lows of life

Around this time last year, I was graduating with my associates in applied science. This was a huge deal for me because I worked my butt off for five years and did the work in combination with a full-time position as a restaurant server. 252 more words

Brain Shunt


Today I got the news that I have Cowden’s Syndrome. I knew it was coming but it doesn’t hurt any less..maybe I’ll have the words for how I feel later on tonight or tomorrow. 57 more words

My visit with a genticist

Today was an important day because I finally took another major step in my health. So I’m facing the facts that we as humans live in an environment that are not facilitating good health. 139 more words

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This passed week...

Baby Mae is back home !!!! My sister Hannah and I definitely put in some work coordinating getting her home last Sunday . We had my son Mali who is 2 with us (hubby was on his way to NY to pick up my grandmother) and we didn’t know how this all was going to go down but we did it! 419 more words

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