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Some Flowers Grow Well in the Shadows

The Sunshine, fresh air, and warmth all feel right together.  If I added the words joy, hope, and laughter, no one would question their natural place in this list.   747 more words

Being Scared

I don’t know what gave me this genius idea to document my demise. I guess me being an artist I have the need to tell the world about my disability and what could possibly go wrong,not that anybody reads these anyway. 267 more words

One Year After Brain Surgery

This video is of Winston (Tug) just after his first brain surgery – one year ago. He was about 3 months old.

Whenever you have a child with a difficult start in life, it seems that there are more chances for that child to need more medical care.   884 more words

Vp shunt: stress and anxiety

Today was a good day… I guess. The headaches weren’t as strong or bad as they usual. I didn’t sleep as much and I actually ate without feeling nauseous. 79 more words

Vp shunt replaced. 

I’m going blind. I really am and it’s because my VP shunt is finally failing. After having it in for 47 years with no problems its finally had it. 179 more words