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Advanced networking with QubesOS: VPN proxyVM

According to http://theinvisiblethings.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/playing-with-qubes-networking-for-fun.html we can setup multiple ways for our AppVMs to reach the Internet.

AppVMs can:

  • have direct access to the Internet
  • be forced to go through a Tor proxy, tunnelling all their traffic through the Tor network…
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VPNC error in CentOS

If you get the following error while running vpnc in CentOS 6.4

/etc/vpnc/vpnc-script: line 228: /var/run/vpnc/resolv.conf-backup: No such file or directory

Then a simple fix as done below will resolve the issue. 10 more words


Connecting to a gateway to Palo Alto Red GlobalProtect Linux

Connecting to a gateway to Palo Alto Red GlobalProtect Linux
Connecting a gateway to Palo Alto Network LinuxFiled GlobalProtect under: Linux, Palomo – Leave 2012Nota comentario22 November: This software has been tested only officially distributions Ubuntu and CentOS. 351 more words

cisco vpn client on ubuntu

to use cisco vpn on ubuntu desktop, you could install network management framework (vpnc plugin core and vpnc plugin gnome gui) from the software center, or using the infamous command line interface as follows: 29 more words


VPN access on Mint using rdesktop

This post was going to begin with one of my occasional bulletins on the fortunes of Luton Town, beloved club of my mate, Simon. However, the man himself has been bitten by the blogging bug and the resultant… 697 more words


vpnc not working after an update

So you’ve been very good and wise by keeping your system up to date but after running yum update -y your connection to your VPN using vpnc no longer works – ANNOYING! 59 more words