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The defitinion of Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Definition of Virtual Private Server (VPS)  Virtual Private Server, also known as Virtual Dedicated Server, is a generic name given each of the virtual servers that emerge from logical divisions of computers with physical hardware attributes (for example, HP Proliant, IBM eServer). 17 more words

Do you need a Linux VPS or a Windows VPS? - "Virtual Private Server" (VPS) Webhosting Information

Hi there! Are you trying to give the decision of choosing a Linux or Windows VPS? You should read this article since it will answer the plus and minus of each Operating system if it used as your VPS OS option.

Windows VPS - Why Implement Virtualization?

A Virtual Server or a Windows Virtual Server (Windows VPS) is a type of hosting software in which a large physical server is divided into numerous small servers after partitioning them virtually. 454 more words

What is Offshore VPS hosting?

Hosting your website in another country, or offshore hosting is an attractive option for entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. Of course, there are the normal factors such as price and uptime, but many turn to offshore VPS hosting for cultural, legal and even political reasons. 15 more words

Is VPS Hosting a good option for your Web Hosting needs? - "Virtual Private Server" (VPS) Webhosting Information

Should you choose VPS hosting, if so why? VPS as it is commonly referred as “Virtuаl Private Sеrvеr “. It provides the indереndеnсе of mаnаging thе whole rеѕоurсеs оf a ѕеrvеr to its user without the obligation of sharing with different people. 18 more words

ChunkHost – FREE VPS – 512MB 20GB XEN Reverse DNS - "Virtual Private Server" (VPS) Webhosting Information

Free VPS ChunkHost Review I was really interested when I first saw the offer for the ChunkHost Free VPS offer, advertised on Google and in my Gmail inbox. 35 more words

When is the really ideal time to change to VPS Plan? - "Virtual Private Server" (VPS) Webhosting Information

Is VPS Hosting suitable to respond to the needs of your website? The majority of the webhosting users are on VPS hosting for the independent management of their own servers. 30 more words