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Leap is a Highly Accurate and Highly Affordable bit of Hand-tracking Hardware for Computer Interaction [video]

Thanks for a tip from Jeff Austin, I’m now looking at the Leap, an incredible — and incredibly affordable — piece of hardware that allows for extremely accurate realtime sensing of one’s hands; the input from which can be used to control a computer, among other things. 484 more words


Scientific Paper Details a Virtual Reality Environment Used in the Lab for Insect Experiments [video]

Think virtual reality is only for humans? Think again. Researchers are increasingly turning to virtual reality to perform tests that would otherwise be impossible by traditional means. 562 more words


Innovega Working on Multi-focal Contacts to Compliment AR Eyewear and HMDs, Available by 2014 Says CEO

Innovega is a Washington-based company that’s working on contact lenses that use filters to allow the eye to simultaneously focus on objects at varying distances. The development could help make augmented reality a practicality by greatly reducing the bulk of HMD and augmented reality displays. 433 more words


Sony HMZ-T1 HMD + TrackIR 5 Camera = Headtracking Gameplay in World of Warcraft and Skyrim

It’s a shame that neither Sony’s HMZ-T1 or Silicon Micro Display’s ST1080 have integrated head tracking technology. HMD’s are great and all, but building in the ability to tack the movements of the user’s head opens up far more options for immersive gameplay. 191 more words

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Is This the Future of Augmented Reality Gaming?

One of my favorite YouTube directors, Freddie Wong happened to make a video that is quite relevant to this site. The video is called ‘Future Motion Control Gaming’ and shows a fictional augmented reality gaming setup. 974 more words

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Battlefield 3 Virtual Reality Simulator Episode from The Gadget Show Now Available Online! [video]

As I posted the other week, The Gadget Show put together an awesome Battlefield 3 virtual reality simulator which would be featured on their show. The only video we got initially was a teaser, and unless you live in Britain, you probably wouldn’t have access to the episode as it aired. 397 more words

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Battlefield 3 Played in a Virtual Reality Simulator [video]

Battlefield 3 is set to be one of the biggest games of the 2011 season thanks to its impressively life-like graphics and sound-design. I can tell you from experience, the Battlefield games have had some of the best sound design in the industry. 510 more words

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