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Razend trots is een beetje Amerikaan op zijn Grondwet. Razend trots is hij ook op de Founding Fathers. Op de eerste president van de Verenigde Staten, George Washington en misschien nog wel meer op de eerste bewoner van het Witte Huis, president nr. 665 more words

Een Mening

Garder vs Tenir

Both tenir and garder mean “to keep”, so when do you use one over the other. Well, tenir is used more for a physical action, such as keeping hold of something, while… 141 more words


Heather gray cotton cheekster with black elastic hips, Pink printed in white on hips and black trim.

These panties are from VS and they’re ultra comfy and soft. 22 more words


#Cloud storage & #sync.com.......or a positive tech post for a change!

After coping with the security issues of Windows 10, it was such a pleasant surprise to find an ‘app’ that is unabashedly security conscious! And yes, Sync.com, I’m talking about you. 934 more words


Right vs. Wrong

Remember, when people tell you something’s wrong or doesn’t work for them, they are almost always right. When they tell you exactly what they think is wrong and how to fix it, they are almost always wrong.
– Neil Gaiman


1992 Suzuki VS 1400 GLP Intruder - S83 Right Rear Fender Rail

1992 Suzuki VS 1400 GLP Intruder – S83 Right Rear Fender Rail

The Right Rear Fender Rail supports the Rear Fender on the right side (as you are sitting on the bike). 30 more words

Dub vs. Sub: Pokemon

It’s the eternal question in every Otaku’s mind, the source brawls and spam-wars all over the internet:  Dub or Sub?

Doing away with the hyperbole, dubs and subs are a contentious topic among anime and tend to put purists and more casual fans at odds with each other. 885 more words