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The Winner is in! Sometimes it is better not to think outside of the box!

OK, so here it is. After slaving in a hot kitchen making 4, that’s right 4 batches of cupcakes. The critics have spoken. Well at least a house full of teenagers have spoken. 566 more words


Deal 950: Never more nonnet

Never challenge the Raven’s warning.
Omens are the ebon feathered
Trickster’s mode: defy the fates,
Alert the wise mortal,
Cut to the quick, yet
Ready player
One, only
With loud

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Fuuka: Manga Vs Anime Which do you like more?

To be perfectly honest I have no idea that I would have torn opinions on this series as a whole. And I guess the reason being that unlike most fans of “Fuuka” started off Manga fans. 506 more words


Deal 949: Spots

The lights went down, and the audience held their breath for a moment. When the single pin spot appeared picking out a man standing alone on the dark stage, they applauded. 348 more words

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Forever21 VS. E.L.F Eyeshadow Primer

So I was shopping at Forever21 the other day and I noticed they had an E.L.F cosmetic section. Now I’m a huge E.L.F fan, they’re the ones that got me really into makeup, but right next to it was their own cosmetic brand!! 272 more words


Deal 948: It's a cat's life

Nine lives. The humans were wrong about so many things, but that detail they got right. The truth is more complicated, but in effect we have nine lives. 247 more words

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Lost in Translation

Or, Cross-cultural communication. What the English say vs. what foreigners hear.

The concept of saying the opposite of what you mean may seem both confusing and unnecessary to many people. 241 more words