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NuGet gotcha: Missing references when adding an existing project from another solution

Discovered this rather annoying problem when throwing a solution together quickly to try something out, and added an existing project from another solution. Suddenly the project I’d added had mysteriously lost all of its references for no obvious reason. 125 more words


Configuring Apache Thrift for Visual Studio 2012


Yes, it’s true: you can run and compile Apache Thrift servers and clients in Visual Studio 2012! Here’s a set of steps for compiling Apache Thrift under Visual Studio 2012 and then running a C++ Server and Client pair. 1,516 more words


VS2013 has a default diff tool when we are comparing file through GIT plugin for visual studio.

But if we want to change the default diff toll to winmerge, which is one of my favorites below are the steps to do it: 93 more words

Using LibCurl with Visual C++ 2010

I was stuck for some time with LibCurl and Visual C++ 2010 (VC10). The document Using libcurl in Visual Studio available at the  279 more words


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I'm currently working on a C++ program that will take finance data from a web API and run it through the fundamentals tests covered in the last post thereby generating a basic buy rating indicator. In order to achieve this a way to send web requests from the program is required; the easiest way to implement this being the CURL libraries. My IDE of choice is Visual Studio 2012 and the blog below details in an excellent tutorial the steps required to install LibCurl.