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An hour of English in the Eighth Grade

English at VSA was, for want of a better word, epic. This might just turn into a broken description of the English department at VSA, but for now, let’s start with five minutes past ten in the morning and Sati ma’am standing at the classroom door. 859 more words


Transformational Learning

My last blog post stated that the way I understand the world has been fundamentally changed. But this hasn’t just happened in regards to poverty: it’s happening over and over again. 621 more words

Elizabeth Rudd


This blog is an extension of the thoughts I posted on facebook this week. My status said:

“This week I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the burden of poverty in our world. 1,078 more words

Elizabeth Rudd

Senior Reflection: Chris Lam


I have said this before, but when I think of GUVSA, I think of a group that has historically punched well above its own weight. 833 more words

Creating iSCSI Datastores in VMware with QuantaStor SDS

Server and Desktop virtualization with VMware is one of the most popular storage use cases for QuantaStor SDS. QuantaStor, certified for use with VMware ESXi, makes it easy to access iSCSI targets using the software iSCSI adapter built into VMware. 570 more words


MAASU 2015 Spring Conference

This year APAC, along with CSA, Japan Club, KASA, and VSA, sent its largest group, a total of 25 enrolled students, to MAASU’s annual Spring conference. 76 more words

Off Campus

Waka Blo Mi

This is my first 9-5 job. I’ve been playing a fun game of late: I describe my job to other expats and they give me a job title. 895 more words

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