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TLT: Breaking Up With a Joni Mitchell Devotee

I didn’t hear the door slam but I saw
the taillights of the big yellow taxi that took him away.
Suppose I’ll find out now if I miss him. 6 more words

Writing Prompt

Three Line Tales, Week Thirty-Four

Welcome to Week Thirty-Four  of Three Line Tales.

Until I can talk to WP about taking me off the naughty list, I can’t leave any comments at the moment, I’m afraid. 108 more words

Writing Prompt

Summoning Winter

There is a strong diabolic side to me; I recognize it, and in my calmer moments salute that entity with all the respect one soldier can give to another. 481 more words


Chasing Ilium- A micro story saga

Day 1

Through the glass, a blurry city rose. Clouds kissed its topless towers. This steel menagerie was Ilium, and her face launched a thousand ships. 382 more words


Empty barrel

He moves slowly. First she sees him as a shadow. Then the sound of his shoes are loud. She stops walking and the noise is gone. 147 more words

Three Line Tales, Week 33: Round-Up

Please note: It seems my comments are getting spammed on most of your blogs, so check your spam for pingbacks and such. Not sure what I’ve done to get on the blacklist, so I’ll have to investigate… Anyway, on with the round-up. 291 more words

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