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Disable excel document close button .. C# code

We had a specific requirement to disable close button of excel document while executing long running VSTO code. I able to do it using below functions: 278 more words


Excel automation - Few excel properties to set off during bulk operation

Whenever you do bulk excel operation using C# code, it is advisable to set few excel properties to off during open/close operation of excel. This will prevent unnecessary events from triggering and also avoid flickering. 47 more words


Get running instance of Excel

To get running instance of excel –

var RunningExcelProcesses = Process.GetProcessesByName(“EXCEL”);

if (RunningExcelProcesses.Length > 0)


 ObjExcel = Marshal.GetActiveObject(“Excel.Application”) as Application;

 ObjExcel.EnableEvents = false;



VSTO project build error - An error occurred while signing: Key not valid for use in specified state

I was getting ‘An error occurred while signing: Key not valid for use in specified state’ error while building VSTO excel, word and outlook add-ins project. 99 more words


Back to Blogs … Installing Live Writer 2012

I lost my blogging tools in the process of testing Windows 10 and or reinstalling machines. I now finally came to install Live Writer back on my machine. 258 more words


Adding a custom task in Excel add-in VSTO application

This article is describing how to add a custom task pane in an Excel add-in application. Custom task panes are very powerful and represent the right way to enhance Excel with custom functionality. 460 more words

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VSTO - Ready for Prime-Time?

I have played around with VSTO over the last few years but always found it to be too quirky, awkward and difficult to deploy, and so never considered using it for serious development. 2,265 more words