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Product Review: Unviewable+ - Protection Against VBA Hacking

I recently got a call asking me about protecting intellectual property. Their requirements were simple:

  • They wanted to prevent end-users from viewing or modifying the source code…
  • 157 more words

Happy wishes and some Office predictions for 2016

Another year has gone, a new year started … this is 2016. Welcome!

My year, for the eleventh time already, started with receiving the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award… 227 more words


Detecting if Word has a Dialog Open

Recently we had an issue where we want to detect if word/excel has dialog open. I got informative code snippet from David Craig blog. It helped me a lot so i thought to put it in my blog. 289 more words


PInvoke call from word add-in to excel add-in

Sometime we may want to make cross process call from word VSTO add-ins to excel add-ins. We can use PInvoke to do this.

My example call a method of excel add-ins from word add-ins to close all embedded objects of word document while closing. 126 more words


Disable excel document close button .. C# code

We had a specific requirement to disable close button of excel document while executing long running VSTO code. I able to do it using below functions: 278 more words


Excel automation - Few excel properties to set off during bulk operation

Whenever you do bulk excel operation using C# code, it is advisable to set few excel properties to off during open/close operation of excel. This will prevent unnecessary events from triggering and also avoid flickering. 47 more words


Get running instance of Excel

To get running instance of excel –

var RunningExcelProcesses = Process.GetProcessesByName(“EXCEL”);

if (RunningExcelProcesses.Length > 0)


 ObjExcel = Marshal.GetActiveObject(“Excel.Application”) as Application;

 ObjExcel.EnableEvents = false;