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A Hard touch for soft thought

it gets
when i

it gets
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vice versa.


This is a boring post I bet

To day is an interesting day. And a rather anger inducing one too. It all starts in the morning.

So I’m sure some of you can relate here, where you wake up at a certain time everyday for a few years, sooner or later you’ll wake up automatically without the aid of an alarm clock, this is the same to me. 340 more words

Car Crash Investigations - Sega's Weirdly Vulgar 90's Advertisements

Video game advertising can be tricky business, with marketing campaigns having to tread the line between appealing to the target demographic without coming off as pandering or out of touch. 313 more words

Gaming Articles

#Motivation from nickidonnelly

Don’t raise your voice , improve your argument ….i am a firm believer of keeping your dignity and respect by what cone out of your mouth and how it comes out….. 37 more words


Aging Disgracefully

It’s hardly a matter of grave international import, but it needs to be said:  Betty White is grotesque.

More precisely, the nonagenarian actress Betty White’s latter-day public persona as an oversexed hipster granny, which she has portrayed on TV in… 560 more words


Shit Music

So, music. Well I love to listen to music. I reckon I listen to quite a broad field of music, like alt rock, electronic dance music, classical and others. 838 more words