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Top 5 wardrobe staples for under £300

1. White button down shirt,
aka the classic – circa £40

If in doubt style it out, this tried and tested piece is a necessity for any fashionable male’s wardrobe. 223 more words

Head to head Hillary vs Donald

Suka atau tidak suka, pemilihan Presiden Amerika Serikat menjadi perhatian dunia. Beritanya tidak cuma ada di saluran-saluran berita politik Internasional, tapi media sosial abal-abal yang ada di Indonesia juga ikut mengulas Pilpres Amerika. 867 more words


T-what fashion: Harem Scarem

You may have noticed in several fashion mags and occasionally in real life that some men have taken to wearing the predominantly female fashion of harem pants. 173 more words

Tw@ Fashion: Sock horror!

We all (should) know that sandals and socks are a cardinal fashion sin but what else works and doesn’t in the world of socks and shoes. 288 more words

Chair, settee and a tv. 3 for the price of one.

16. A chair – a blow up one, a fold out one, a camping one, an arm one. Something to sit your fat lazy ass down on to read your dictionary. 149 more words

Twat Fashion: Avi-haters or avi-lovers

Picture the scene, it’s 1987, you’ve just put the video in the vhs, video player to anyone under 25 (your remote control is still attached by a wire!) you press play and Top Gun starts. 175 more words

Pot kettle black

14. A kettle – (I’m assuming you’ve got electricity! If not that will be in the next edition) the British empire was built on tea. The main advantage was that because we drank the stuff, we boiled the water and killed the germs in the dirty foreign water (not racist). 307 more words