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It's raining men

Guess who I just hear from.

Shakespeare. Who told me that back in september when he was messaging me a lot that he wanted to get back together. 97 more words

The Opposite Sex

"Visual swears in film" from Strong Language

Source: Visual swears in film

Here’s an interesting with an interesting perspective.  It discusses all the non-verbal obscenities that appear in film, such as obscenities on t-shirts or in graffiti in the background.   124 more words


Mental Science Approach to Prayer?

From: 1952 New Washington Series by Joel S. Goldsmith tape 7B-1 – Questions and Answers

Q:  Yes, yes, let me voice that … the question involves really the mental science approach to prayer in that the law or God being impersonal doesn’t know our need, and we tell It our need, we impress upon It our desire or need, and then It fulfills it for us. 1,780 more words



You know what? I have genuinely nothing to rant about these days. Like I’ll try to write about something and then I’ll lose interest halfway through and just decided to fuck it and go onto 9gag and have fun there. 289 more words


Willie Shakes — the Bawdy Bard

Pass me the mustard

I’m an idiot. I’ve been blind — these past seventeen years since I first encountered Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet have been a waste (and what a waste of a film that was — except for the ‘bite my thumb’ scene and Prince’s  861 more words

The 100 Day Project