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The Whore of Second Street (Vulgar)

The whore of Second Street was good when you needed her and bad when you didn’t. The whore of Second Street didn’t cost too much, but somehow it always seemed like you’d spend all your money on her. 415 more words


Broken Up Thoughts

I can feel them the pins and needles of the world stabbing me from every side, every inch digging into my skin. It is as though I didn’t matter and we all know that I don’t. 462 more words


A Lie (Novel) Preview

Break Over-Welcome to Hell

Why did I even come here? It surely wasn’t for the great fucking scenery that’s for sure. I really can’t answer the question I am faced with every morning I look out the window of my house. 706 more words


Special Broken Up Thoughts (Vulgar)

This is a special Broken Up Thoughts this week. Posting two days earlier because I have an even more special post for Wednesday. Not going to give away what it is, but it is pretty cool and very something different. 262 more words


Kumpulan gambar gaya pacaran dan sms anak SD sekarang...eta terangkanlah...hehehe

Kumpulan gambar gaya pacaran dan sms anak SD sekarang…eta terangkanlah…hehehe. Ada yang mengatakan bahwa sekolah itu adalah tempatnya belajar termasuk didalamnya belajar mengenal teman sekolah. Dari mengenal berlanjut kearah teman, teman tapi mesra, dan menuju tahap dengan apa yang disebu dengan pacaran. 395 more words


SOUTH PARK Sequel Causes Demonetisation For Youtube Gameplay Videos

If you thought your awesome South Park The Fractured but Whole gameplay video was going to bring you tons of hits and thereby tons of Youtube monetisation, you’re pot out of luck. 251 more words


Avoid Using This Abbreviation

Like most teenagers, I heard plenty of slang in school—some terms were playfully innocuous, some vulgar. I often observed how a word or phrase was used and tried to avoid the inappropriate ones. 653 more words

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