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If you know me at all, you know that I am, in a word, vulgar.

No problem … I am who I am and, furthermore, I like who I am. 181 more words

Its All About Me

Throwback Thursday

It has been decided that Thursday’s will now feature a throwback memory relating to my adventure with cancer, so get pumped for some delightful tales. And also, rest assured that I will still be attempting to keep up with monitoring the progression of this round of chemo. 542 more words

Day 0

Because the chemo orders were so complicated, I didn’t start this TVTC treatment until late last night, so the days are all confusing for my chemo-fogged brain, so we will see how long I can keep up and keep the days in order! 716 more words

Confessions of a Washed up, Bitter Waitress

DISCLAIMER: All of the names of said places of employment have been changed… due to contractual agreements that forbid me to openly discuss what happens in my ACTUAL place of work (true fucking story). 3,120 more words


The Vulgar / Barbican

Just before Christmas I took a trip to the barbican for The Vulgar exhibition, exploring changing tastes in fashion. Fashion can be used to push the boundaries, shock and explore form, structure and colour through design. 385 more words


the word sex just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

So, I consider myself to be very liberal when it comes to sexuality and expressing it whenever I want to. I remember discovering how good my body felt when I did certain things at a young age, but thinking it was unnatural and therefore needed to be hidden from view of the world. 369 more words