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Lone bed sleeper

Nerd boy stayed over the other night, or at least tried to.

When I was in university I shared a single bed with whoever I was sleeping with at the time. 276 more words


Beautifully vulgar

“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world” – Jean Luc Godard.

So I went to the watch the movie “kis kis kyu pyar karu” and while I was coming out of the hall after seeing the movie I heard 3 boys talk “kash main bi hero jitta lucky hota toh apni bi chandi hoti”. 1,146 more words


Paul’s Profanity

Tuesday, February 2, I started a year-long commitment to a discipleship group, mentored by Bob Chisholm, one of the ministers at my church.  It’s Bob and 3 guys, and he meets with 4 different groups each on a separate day of the week, at 5:30am.  1,244 more words

Bible Study

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Why write about profanity when I can reblog this brilliantly written jewel? I have more to add, but this is plenty for the moment

Media CINOs -- You Know The Ones

CINO — Conservative In Name Only

Why do I dislike Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Bill O’Rilley, Glen Beck, and their ilk? 237 more words

Things To Think About

New outlook on life...who dis?

Sometime’s the greatest feelings in life can also be the saddest realizations. However, just like when you look at a bottle of wine and try to guess if it’s half-full or half-way-closer-to-texting-your-ex you realize its all about your perception. 266 more words

Monday's Back (Ah Shit)!

Monday’s Back (Ah Shit)!


  1.  I’m not ready!
  2.  I want to go home!

3.   Home sucks too; mom is mean.     4. New snack machine with rice cakes. 45 more words


Cute Things Dying Violently Review

In the long lineage of video games, many of us would throw Lemmings into the fray as an afterthought. Not in the sense of forgetting your second cousin’s Christmas card until the December 23rd or anything mind you. 1,205 more words