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"The Vulgar exposes the scandal of good taste"

When you think of the word “vulgar”, what comes to mind? What is taste? Good taste, bad taste? Why can the Mondrian dress be considered as vulgar? 59 more words

Dirty Grandpa

Dir: Dan Mazer, 2016


There’s been a lot of hate for this film, most of it unfair.

Recently widowed Dick Kelly (Robert De Niro), asks his grandson, Jason (Zac Efron) to drive him to Florida, as Dick and his late wife did every year. 458 more words

Raging Volcanoes

I want to fuck you
So hard
That gallons of cum
Will erupt from the tips
Of both our cocks
Just like the raging volcanoes
Of your poetry.

Fuck your theme.

you know ive been sitting here stressing over what to write next and what the theme of my blog should be about. ive been stressing over capitalization and proper punctuation, proper grammar and spelling. 117 more words




adjective:  Characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice.

Synonyms:  Showy, pretentious, conspicuous, flamboyant, gaudy, brash, vulgar, loud, extravagant, excessive, too fancy, ornate, overly elaborate, more.

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Daily Prompt: Filthy

Filthy From WordPress 11/16/16

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Such a lovely word for today. When I hear this word right away I think of “look at this place!” You can only walk through a narrow path that is surrounded by boxes, books, newspapers, magazines, things I don’t ever know what they are. 175 more words


Trump and the age of the vulgar

The rise of Donald Trump presidential was facilitated by the waves of populism that radiated from his public figure. Trump attracted voters who felt excluded from existing power, capital and government centers, and from the political discourse of the Obama administration that emphasized the importance of minorities, immigrants and women’s rights.  708 more words