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Michelle Obama Cracks a Scary Joke & Makes a Rude Suggestion on Letterman

Michelle Obama stopped by The Late Show to chat with David Letterman, on Thursday. While she was there, she cracked a joke that wasn’t funny in the least, and we all need to hope it was only a joke. 63 more words


Instagram removed #sex from it's search directories

This is just one example of the words that are banned from Instagram search. I tried #shit and #fuck which also turn up nothing because Instagram banned the words. 215 more words

WOW ~ Word of the Week ~ Mort (4/27/15)

Mort (noun)

woman or wench; also a yeoman’s daughter; when used by itself, denotes a girl or woman of loose morals; canting jargon of unknown origin from at least 1560s… 275 more words

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Scriptshots: Floater - A Vulgar Journey

“Floater: A Vulgar Journey”

by Joshua Sampson

Based on a screenplay by Joshua Sampson

Story by Joshua Sampson

1. Int. Cavernous Room

Focus on the only flower in the cave. 479 more words


'Vulgar' Mississippi State Warmup Shirts

Starkville, Mississippi.  Few teams across the country – if any – are more connected with adidas than Mississippi State baseball, states the Clarion-Ledger newspaper.

The team uses adidas not just for apparel, but for gloves and bats too. 61 more words


WOW ~ Word of the Week ~ Cove (4/20/15)

Cove (noun)

fellow, chap; can be used in speaking of any third-person whose name you are either ignorant of or don’t wish to mention; slang from at least 1560s, said to be from Romany (Gypsy) … 123 more words


Does he love me.....does he love me not?

Seriously what kind of stupid questions is that for a girl to ask herself???

As you may guess I have a serious problem with girls/ladies that think they simply can’t get by in life without love or a guy. 206 more words