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I will eat your brain, asking quesions, watching and listening when you think you are watching me……..

I see your flakey little flaws, so easy, i will snap you, you little fucking twitch.

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[Pop Bitch] Seeing as he’s in the news for being linked to his nanny, can you remember which leading lady Ben Affleck was overheard on set telling “, you have THE finest growler!”? 36 more words

Fresh Press

Bristol Palin Works for Dr. "Jack Me-off"

On July 15, 2015 Bristol Palin proclaimed that she had worked 6 years with the “best people I know!” Bristol added this picture of herself to attempt to create the image that she was only a little pregnant. 856 more words


You think you’re so
with your mooshy red lipstick
and your nails
screaming for a mani/pedi

You think you’re so
giving bjs galore… 100 more words


What will they think? Will it be okay? What do you say? Be easy on me...

Sitting in a mall waiting to get this damn phone fixed, I sit and think of all the shit I want and need to write. This world is a beautiful place with plantations of humans controlled by an alien force. 379 more words

Concerning Cursing: Do “Bad Words" Exist?

I never said “bad words” growing up. 

Essentially everyone in my life that matters to me has muttered some of those words at one point or another. 1,248 more words

Mason Haynie