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Weirdest tattoos of all the time, you cannot stop laughing,

This world is attracted towards tattoos mostly youngsters who wants to have so many tattoos and make themselves more attractive and cool but sometimes it just goes wrong , their tattoos becomes weird and it makes people laugh and some get nervous and pray that their child don’t get tattoos like that, 53 more words



It takes time to erase the tawdriness from the stories

Perceive each anecdotal piece from many other angles

Sometimes, one has to work beyond time and even forgetting about it… 52 more words


Broken Up Thoughts

Fissures and cracks within my soul
Where they come from
I’m afraid I do not know
Relentless and forthcoming
I keep swimming
Even though I know I’m drowning… 495 more words


Reading: Hypocrite Women by Denise Levertov

Denise Levertov (1923-1997) was a prolific British-born American writer who never received formal education. Influences are among others the Blue Mountain school, William Carlos Williams, Rilke. 347 more words


Hey you,

Hey you

by the pavement

by the roadside

by the bridge

and behind compound walls

i can see you

and yet i keep quiet.

i can claim… 73 more words

vulgar being accepted from the White house? nothing new

when you have had Slave Owners

and People Profitting off Oppresion

and then you hear these words

being used in 2018

and its business as usual. 66 more words

The Best Lessons Female Teachers Can Give Are Sex Lessons

The Daily Antifeminist calls for all teachers everywhere to immediately start having sex with as many students as possible – now! Face it killjoys: the only interesting thing going on in class is the sexual atmosphere between and teacher and the students, and also among the students themselves. 565 more words

Child Porn