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When an Ok looking girl makes a move on you and you don’t really go with it, only to realize, once she walks away, that you’ve made a HUGE mistake.


honey singh _do u have an answer

Honey Singh … Sir … whenever I listen your songs, a thought always tickle in my mind that why you always sing aphrodisiac songs ? why a wo… 665 more words

Why we still need censorship, even if, Kanye disagrees

How many f-bombs, s-bombs, a-bombs, d-bombs, l,m,n,o, p-bombs can you hear in a song lyric before wanting to tear your ears off? Some of you may not share my sentiment, but this is how I feel every time I watch an awards show these days. 454 more words


What Does it Mean to be a Christian...

If you asked those that claim to be Christian ( I say claim because not everyone that claims it is and just think of the wolf in sheep’s clothing and some of them these days are not doing well to hide the wolf.) you would get many different answers to that question, however there are some truths that you must follow in order to fit that bill and no it is not being perfect because all of us fall way short everyday. 1,423 more words


This word is labeled “colloquial or vulgar” by the OED, and the entry for its etymology is too fun not to share:

probably of English dialectal origin; compare…

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Attracting attention in a vulgar manner.

Everybody knows his whole persona is a big meretricious act.


CityNews Reporter Shauna Hunt Shuts Down A Vulgar Man On LIVE TV

Sometimes people really suck! And why is it when these people see a reporter and a camera they think it gives them the right to do pretty much whatever they want…you know because it’s sooooo hilarious! 138 more words