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What Do You Mean? | Rambles

Say what you mean and mean what you say. This concept isn’t complicated so please explain to me why I have no grasp of it. I’m in awe of my own confusion. 330 more words


Wisdom Comes Slow | BEDA 29

In most societies, seniority garners respect for one pivotal reason – wisdom. It is usually accepted that the older a person is the better their grasp on how the world works is. 281 more words


Adult Things | BEDA 20

I just got back from a birthday party and it seems as I get older the less fun I’m inclined to have. We feel like we have to do… 341 more words


No, thanks: A Guide to Disappointing Others | BEDA 16

A friend asks you to come with them to a party next weekend. The location’s an hour out of the way, it’s at an awkward time, and you’ve already made plans; all the same you do all you can to fit them into your schedule. 500 more words


Race, the N-word, and Other Taboos | BEDA 14

And the top three things to avoid bringing up in conversation are: politics, religion, and race (with sexuality being a close fourth). But why is it such a dirty dirty thing to bring up these things, more specifically race. 662 more words


I Saw You Crying | BEDA 11

Vulnerability requires a balance of weakness and courage that continually boggles my mind. Those who have been able to master are able to wear their hearts on their sleeves in a manner that is powerful, inspiring, and, most importantly, sincere. 166 more words


Changes | BEDA 10

“To move to a new place — that’s the greatest excitement. For a while you believe you carry nothing with you — all is canceled from before, or cauterized, and you begin again and nothing will go wrong this time.” … 336 more words