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3 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Others See You as Wildly Enchanting

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You might hear words like ‘cutthroat’ tossed around in the workplace all the time, but the reality is, it’s not pure, unbridled competitiveness alone that makes you successful. 365 more words

Money Matters

Loved as I am, my vulnerability useful to God

God loves the real you.  True.  There is no need to hide behind a mask or make out you are someone you are not with God.  392 more words

I am afraid to be vulnerable

I think it’s ironic that this thought even occurs to me. As a highly sensitive person, I feel like we are the poster children for vulnerability. 311 more words


Because of Love

There was no excuse in my not turning back. I stopped.

She stopped. I waited and she stood still.

I turned left towards town and quick thoughts were an effort to make sense of my driving away. 403 more words


Analysis on CVE-2013-2551


This vulnerability is an integer overflow vulnerability, which involves a signed comparison between a signed integer and an unsigned integer and results in out-of-bound read. 4,021 more words


If anything could ever be this good again

A random Friday off.  Awesome. You know where my mind goes straight away. Into the wilderness.  The Northern loop, about 120kms out of town in the Cathedral Ranges, it’s on my hit list. 728 more words


Putting the Puzzle Together

I don’t know why it was the 15th move that did it, but the 15th move really kicked my butt. First of all, the answer to the question I alway get is, no. 638 more words