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Day 120 - Sigh.

Please think of me today. This is going to be a crazy emotional day. Today is my wedding anniversary, the first one since D-Day, the first one since it became crystal clear that my marriage is dead, that my husband never actually existed, and I was, very simply, fooled. 559 more words

Stronger Than Ever

Hiya everyone! This is Minnie the Shoujo Nut and I am here to make a couple of announcements about myself, specifically my life and my work. 267 more words

Daily Life Events

When you put your heart into it..

You’ll feel things you haven’t felt before.

You’ll put yourself on the line, waiting to be let down.

You’ll anticipate every moment.

You’ll find your mind drifting to places it’s never before visited. 276 more words

Being Human

Sacred Embrace

Sacred embrace
I am the sacred between You
I surrender my head to Your shoulder, Your arms around me, skin to skin embrace
Your hands in my hair, love flowing heart to heart. 69 more words



“Why am I, and many others I look up to, only showcasing the parts of our lives that we think are beautiful? Does this make us liars or less of artists? 436 more words

Persisting Upside Down

The last page of the soft white journal.

Moleskin supple, barely visible lines, a simple book.

Typically covering three months or so, I have stacks of these now. 269 more words

I'll Take Love Over Art

By Mark E. Smith

My wife and I have slowly become a poster couple – literally. And, we’ve been blessed that so many have found inspiration not just in the one iconic image, but the life we lead, commonly shared on social media, as is the way of the world nowadays. 317 more words