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African-Caribbean Men: Masculinity & Vulnerability

What does it mean to be a Caribbean Man? An African Caribbean Man? How do we support men to access their whole being? Access their vulnerability, their emotions, their nurturing, loving selves? 279 more words


Realistic, not Optimistic.

Today I have some exciting news to share.

And no, the photo I attached to this blog has nothing to do with the contents. But how cute is Butters? 2,234 more words


we're all here, ready.

Writing is a very vulnerable undertaking.

It’s brave and honest and requires that I quiet my mind enough to listen rather than react. It means that all of the parts of myself have a chance to speak up, have their say, and make their way onto a page in the form of sentences and paragraphs. 182 more words

Mental Health


Nails bleeding

Clawing yourself out


Gasping for authentic air to touch your soul

Scars rot with infection begging to feel the warmth of new life unfold… 24 more words

Day 1 - Make The Shift

Today is day 1 of round 1 of The Shift Shop for me. I’m a lil in tears😢 as I write this and get ready to post this blog photo. 448 more words

- Randomness

To feel or not to feel...

How do I feel right now? I feel content. I feel relaxed. I feel fairly blessed right now. I also felt, not too long ago this morning, compelled to share my emotions and appreciation with a dear friend of mine. 778 more words

Just A Thought

Smell of fear

Smell of fear
Binds her tongue
And within
Of storms
Long past
Just beyond
Deep within
Her psyche
Spawning fear
Of her powerful… 456 more words

Spiritual Formation