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Microsoft Word Intruder Revealed - inside a malware construction kit

Start thinking back, and bring to mind the big “Malware In The Media” stories of the last few years.

What did you come up with? 610 more words


Uber hires the guys who hacked a Jeep to develop safer driverless cars

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, security researchers who caused huge headaches for Fiat Chrysler when they showed the world how to remotely hack a Jeep… 410 more words


Dropping into my Heart

Let go of all sense of not being in your heart. The thought of a problem can become the problem. Ask yourself “If I knew what I might notice were I to listen to my heart, regardless of what anyone else might suggest, what methods of dropping into my heart might I discover? 643 more words

Hello, sweet September

Today I went out and bought a cozy striped tunic shirt, a new pair of jeans, and a box of spicy vanilla tea. Why? Because it’s September 1st, y’all, and I’m celebrating. 407 more words

Slowly pulling the repetitive thoughts from my head.

I want a new couch, but since the kids and the dogs wreak havoc all over it, it isn’t going to happen. I’ve thought about setting the couch on fire, that’s a good reason to get a new one. 331 more words


hacked jack - September 1


electronic blips zip

and the money goes

bye bye

across aeons of

ions to somewhere


while our minds are

turned elsewhere




The Self

What is the self? Often the go-to response is career, hobbies, and roles. “We are what we do.” Is that really who we are? Is that really how it should be? 360 more words