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Pain introduces you to the rich palette of your soul. You can’t evolve if you don’t settle the score with your personal tragedy.


Advice I'd give to young women ( what I wish someone would tell me as a 16 year old)

  1. Invest in your character.
  2. Pray to God to love you and keep you strong during the times when it’s the thickest.
  3. Never allow anyone or anything to make you doubt your heart.
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Camera tricks

Emotionally immature men view life like a picture, that they control and airbrush and they will pick you based on your pose, how you enhance his flow. 197 more words


A different wedding vow

In the entry about this month’s YouTube Channel of the Month I wrote about the School of Life and the different views it provides on a variety of topics. 370 more words



I have known sorrow

I have pushed it away

Tried to hide from it

I have pretended that it didn’t exist

I have known sorrow… 133 more words