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Android Getting Stagefright?

We all know nothing is bulletproof.  Somewhere, someone will always want to break in and steal your stuff.  Especially now, we carry around  basically a digital ID card, our (smart)phones.   138 more words


The "Stagefright" hole in Android - what you need to know

Android phone courtesy of Bloomua/Shutterstock

The conference circuit can be a competitive arena, especially when there are multiple parallel streams.

For example, back in 2010, I was… 989 more words


iTunes and AppStore remote exploit fixed by Apple

A serious remote vulnerability has been uncovered in Apple’s AppStore and iTunes web applications that posed “a significant risk to buyers, sellers or Apple website managers/developers”. 417 more words


Teradata Vulnerability Announced: Big Potential Headaches For Big Data Solution

For those of you managing a big data analytics platform or repository, this article is for you.  Teradata is a fairly popular platform and these types of vulnerabilities should be taken seriously.  25 more words

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The One Fundamental Spiritual Lesson to Learn

As the plot of our lives is uniquely designed to drive us toward that which we need to individually awaken to, have you ever arrived in a place where you couldn’t figure out what the lesson is you were supposed to be learning from a difficult set of circumstances? 397 more words


Guest Post on Good Mother Project: Embracing Vulnerability

I have a guest post up on the Good Mother Project on emotional vulnerability, including crying during beer commercials, relating to Joy in the movie Inside Out, and accepting your own emotional state, no matter what it is. 77 more words


Stagefright Android Vulnerability

This looks like a bad one. An attacker can execute their own code on many Android phones simply by sending an MMS message, and in some cases you don’t even have to view the message to be infected. 230 more words