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This is probably one of my favourite TED Talks. Dr. BrenĂ© Brown’s talk isn’t specific to people with OCD/anxiety, so I wanted to share it as I believe she shares a powerful message and a good reminder to all of us about letting our flawed, vulnerable selves be truly and deeply seen. Check it out!

A Day In The Life

Hidden and Known.

A warrior is rising. A champion is coming.

I stare at my face in the mirror. I see the red rimmed outlines. The tears aren’t far behind my eyes. 714 more words


8 things you may not know about me

We all have parts of ourselves we hide. These secrets we guard carefully and only let very few people in on. Why? Because we fear rejection. 732 more words

US-CERT Alerts Users to Holiday Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns

US-CERT reminds users to remain vigilant when browsing or shopping online this holiday season. E-cards from unknown senders may contain malicious links. Fake advertisements or shipping notifications may deliver infected attachments. 190 more words

Yes Lord, I will go there

But only if you go there with me

into the unknown places in me

Only if the time is right… 152 more words

Dell Computers Have Another Terrible, Gaping Security Hole

Just as the PC maker addresses a glaring security problem on its computers, another equally bad one surfaces.

Dell’s newest vulnerability, much like the previous one… 476 more words