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Self Disclousure: Getting The Balance Right


Who hasn’t been in that sitution where you’re talking to someone you feel comfortorble with and maybe they ask some questions you’re not usually up for answering…. 69 more words


Terrifying Vulnerability 

Loving someone, like truly loving someone, is terrifying. Having those moments when you actually have a chance to see that you put their emotions and well being ahead of yours… it’s eye opening. 335 more words



So last night I was sitting in church. John was teaching on Job. I’ve heard messages on Job before. Tons of them. He gave a brief overview of Job’s life.  821 more words

a soft fall

there’s a place to fall into
and it’s just before your heart
it has a softness that rolls over my skin
and whispers, “ease”

it is a space where air breathes… 52 more words


The Unimpressive and Someone Greater

So maybe our “light in the world” is not founded in our goodness, but in where we find our ability to do good.  The light – the difference – in us springs from a knowledge of Christ’s glory. 310 more words

The Power of Vulnerability

There is risk in vulnerability. In letting ourselves acknowledge and feel our wounds and imperfections, and then, in letting others see them. To be vulnerable – to let ourselves be seen as we really are – is to open ourselves to the possibility of rejection. 78 more words

Sunday Shift

Happy first day of March!

It’s hard to believe we are well on our way into 2015. My dad sure knew what he was talking about when he said that the older you get, the faster that time goes by. 542 more words

Sunday Shift