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Embracing The Self

So many people are incredibly sheltered in the lives that they have become comfortable with, that they fail to comprehend how unfulfilled it truly is. When it comes to what this world we live in has the potential to provide us, we have fallen short of exposing life’s greatest triumphs. 61 more words


Late Night Thought X12

The depth of legitiment learning is established by being willing to admit fault and excepting that it’s okay to fail.

Failure is an essential step in progress.

Bring it.


Where the Conversation Leads

Our daily lives are full of conversations.  These conversations range from short to long and insignificant to meaningful.  Sometimes we enter into a conversation expecting it to be simple and it morphs in from of us into something deep and revealing and beautiful. 838 more words

Unsaid, Un-say ...

I was traveling interstate yesterday afternoon in a public bus and, tired from the day’s runabout, was beginning to have a quiet lull in my seat in the bus. 196 more words


Save the Superman

It is alright to be vulnerable because at times, even superman needs some saving.

I was flying up high

Across the seven seas

And countless skies… 51 more words


Did I remember the dead today?

On Wednesdays I share journal pages created with John O’Donohue’s A Mirror of Questions from To Bless the Space Between Us.

On my heart as I share this question are friends and family and folks seeing this, all in different stages of remembering.  It is not shared lightly.


Relational wisdom

In my travels and studies, I have collected many proverbs of the world. They make me think, laugh, and pray. To wit:

“Be slow in choosing a friend but even slower in pushing them away.” – Scottish proverb.

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