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The Ethnic Slave Whore

She carried, in her hands, several strings of beads, simple necklaces, with small, wooden, colored beads. They were not valuable.
She held the necklaces up for me to see. 387 more words


The Explorer of Gor Whore

While my outfits are of risque nature I am a woman of Gorean Evolved role play. I carry a bow and I shoot people. I don’t have to wear a veil and sit and sip tea in the ladies tea room in a by the book city because simply I choose not to. 221 more words


The Bow Whore

In the great wonderful world of SL shopping, the hair store !lamb, came out with two new hairstyles. The one featured with today’s look is called ‘Sweet Pea.’ As much as I do like their hairstyles I am not fond of the texturing of the reds. 233 more words


The Pink Viking

With the sim rebuild at Hlidskjalf Vikings it put me in a viking kind of mood! Today’s outfit is inspired by viking culture with a complete twist! 176 more words


Give me mercy!

Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days! Real life has to come first and things are a bit hectic. So recently I was freed in gorean role play and turned into a Free Woman. 235 more words


The Whores Designer Corner - Insatiable Dreams

This designer I first met back in 2006 when we were both playing IMVU. Melina Aurotharius is the owner of Insatiable Dreams on Second Life and her style of clothing and fashion is geared towards Kajira’s and Bond’s. 99 more words


Freebie Shape!

So in my boredom of the day I came out with a new FREEBIE promo shape. You can purchase the shape ‘HERE’ on marketplace! It comes with a style card and eyebrow shaper! 44 more words

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