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Red Fox Trail

A majority of you nailed yesterday’s Mystery Photo! There are several hints in the tracks that help to identify the red fox that made them. One is the straightness of the trail pattern. 465 more words

Fox Upon The Roof #2

About an hour ago I had a wonderful visitor who looked wet through to the bone after a heavy night’s rainfall, and looked a little worse for wear with what looks like a dirty cobweb strewn across his or her nose. 97 more words

Nature Photography

Fox Upon The Roof

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Some years ago I discovered foxes favoured my garage roof to relax. I would look out of my bedroom window, and to my surprise I would see them just chilling out and warming themselves in the golden rays of sunlight. 406 more words

Nature Photography

New on 500px : 'The Dreamer' by MarBre by MarBre

One of the foxes that I see on a regular basis, is a young male who is often lost in thought so it seems.
That’s why I refer to him as ‘The Dreamer’ 7 more words

Art trade!

Hey there! I’m pretty excited for this post. So, Dani and I finally decided to do an art trade! YAY! She’s pretty awesome with inks and watercolors, and her shiba-inu illustrations are the most sweet, chubby and adorable dogs ever! 70 more words

Urban Fox Population Control Policy


My thesis posits that current population control measures for urban foxes, with a focus on London, England, are not effective and new research needs to be conducted to establish an effective control measure to reduce risk to humans and foxes alike. 2,601 more words