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red fox kits are back!

The red foxes have returned to the den I found last year, and they have three kits this year!

I have spent some time out photographing them at night, but because of the poor light the photos are rough. 73 more words

foxy faces

I’ve been trying to photograph the fox family living in a friend’s backyard by sitting in my camouflage tent and spying on them.  The kits made their appearance last week and have been frolicking around the brush of “stump-henge” in the far backyard in the early morning and evening. 206 more words


Fantastic Mr Fox | UK Wildlife

Reports of early spring sightings throughout the country have been coming in for weeks now… not surprising since it’s been the warmest winter since records began. 860 more words

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Red Fox Vixens Preparing Dens

With their breeding season nearly at an end, red fox vixens are preparing for the arrival of a litter of pups in March or April. This involves locating and cleaning several dens, and then choosing one in which to give birth and raise young. 199 more words

Red Foxes Scent Marking & Breeding

Red foxes communicate in a number of ways, one of which is to scent mark with urine. During their breeding season, which is at its peak this month, male fox urine takes on a strong skunk-like odor, detectable by most human noses. 131 more words

Fox on a frozen pond

Early yesterday morning I trudged through the crusted snow to my favorite spot at Huntley Meadows Park. Along the way I saw a Bald Eagle and a hawk, so I knew that it was going to be a good day. 326 more words


canine track id study

the other week during a wander with my friend and mentor Jim Sullivan (see his website and tracking class offerings here 331 more words