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A fox trotting through the Bow Valley

In April, I crossed paths with a red fox near the Johnston Canyon campground.  She was running at a steady clip along the Bow Valley Parkway towards me.   83 more words


Vulpes vulpes

Between my last school assignment and the day I needed to seriously start studying for final exams, I had a few moments of free time last month. 252 more words


Meaty Morsels For Red Fox Kits

All too soon Red Fox kits will have to fend for themselves, but as of right now, they are still enjoying having most of their meals delivered to them by their parents. 95 more words

Weaning of Red Fox Kits Nearing Completion

When Red Fox kits are about three weeks old they are introduced to solid food. Their mother’s milk continues to provide them with sustenance for several weeks more but it is increasingly fortified by prey that their parents catch. 130 more words

Red Fox

Here are a few shots of a stunning red fox.

Red Fox

Red Fox

Red Fox

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Vice-Counties Explained...

The VC in our blog title stands for Vice-County & the reason for this is that, as well as opposing all forms of fox persecution, we encourage recording of this species on NatureSpot. 91 more words