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So many vaginas, a vagina quiz and a fox mug

The Wall of Vulvas. From the Vagina Dispatches.

And acing their vagina quiz.

Leaving presents. I didn’t expect it. And I’ll always love an enamel mug with a fox on it.

Yay, vaginas and a soft face

Yay! This vagina.

Also posting another vagina thing.

All the face things. All the moisture. All the smoothness.

Cancer of the Vulva another Women Threat

Starting in the female external sex organ, cancer of the vulva is another threat to women. The location could be anywhere in the vulva and the surrounding area. 150 more words

(Prose) Vulva! by Sandra Curtis

When diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” and during the long, long process of grieving that followed unsuccessful IVF attempts, I found myself almost obsessively drawing and making images of vulvas over and over again. 727 more words


a vendetta do cunnilingus

ontem à noite, depois de quase uma semana em férias familiares rodeada de gente, lá arranjei uma forma de masturbar-me sem fazer barulho. com uma almofada que imaginei ser a cara do meu amante do… 76 more words

Tratar Mal

TOM maxipads claim to convert water to oxygen and hydrogen for vaginal health. As an OB/GYN I say that's a bad idea!

A new type of menstrual pad hopes to break into the American market. They are called TOM and that stands for either The Oxygen Movement or Time Of the Month depending I suppose on which demographic the company is trying to reach. 1,012 more words

Lasso Of Truth