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Kiss Me

Kiss Me
8 x 10″
Copic Marker; colored pencil; ballpoint pen

Model: Unknown

By Morgan Faulkner

Vulvas, a walk and finally telling them

Photos of me and mum wearing my vulva t-shirts.

A beautiful, sunny walk with them.

Telling them all about Body of Women. A big moment and it went well. 38 more words

Cooking together, pizzas and nan chat

A day of cooking all together. I made vulva mince pies. Obvs.

Pizza oven pizzas for Christmas Eve dinner. Sitting out by the fire with dad and Ben was lovely. 25 more words

Have yourself a naughty little Christmas

If there’s a choice between being “naughty or nice”, I think we all know which one I’ll choose. So, when I heard about the Naughty Christmas Market, 782 more words


Bloody Good, vaginas and a Christmas party

Volunteering for Bloody Good. Going and setting up their new extra storage unit. I didn’t really want to go out on the rain but it was really good and I’m so glad I did it. 59 more words

Work, vaginas and Prahmas

I got a day’s work tomorrow! So glad I asked.

Set up a vagina tshirt shop. Got five orders already. Check it out.

Prahmas. All the food, all the present and, randomly, all the singing.

Vulva Art: Wacana Genitalia Perempuan melalui Artivisme di Instagram


Pada era digital seperti sekarang, Instagram dimanfaatkan sejumlah seniman sebagai galeri visual tempat mereka mengekspresikan gagasan, perasaan, maupun pengalaman. Berbagai wacana dimungkinkan untuk diangkat, termasuk wacana-wacana yang mulanya terpinggirkan dalam kehidupan… 5,221 more words

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