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Section Fourteen: Vulva

My goal with parodying known local brands is to open the discussion of and to make sex talk less of a taboo. The design themes parodied in this series were selected for their familiarity and popularity, without intention of malice or infringement. 6 more words


Republican "show us your cunt" bills are an issue for all women

Disappointed with their failure to stop same sex marriage in its tracks, a ragtag coalition of right-wingers and evangelistas in various parts of the US are looking to reassert their hatred of difference by putting forward a range of “bathroom bills” designed to ensure that the right people are using the right loo. 1,071 more words

What happens to your vagina as you age?...

These days, we look at our vaginas — or more correctly, vulvas — much more than women (or men) used to. And as we get older or after childbirth, many of us are shocked to find the area has changed. 721 more words

Food For Thought

5 Tips on Having Sex with Another Woman for the First Time

If you’ve never had sex with another woman, the thought of it may be exciting, but also very intimidating. After all, what do you do? You might be worried that you won’t be able to give her an orgasm. 481 more words

The Vagina that Wasn't There

It’s taken me 40 years to become properly acquainted with my vagina and all the weird shit that comes with it. The complexity of the female anatomy makes me feel sorry for those of you who make it your business to keep us females sexually fulfilled. 514 more words



“São poucas as mulheres que se entregam ao supremo gozo de serem beijadas, adoradas, sorvidas, numa rendição despudorada e orgulhosa da sua feminilidade.”

A crónica “A SACROSSANTA DOUTRINA DO MINETE” de Patricia Motta Veiga é de leitura obrigatória! 6 more words


There's More Than One Way to Skin a Pussy

I’m here to tell you two kids at the back who don’t already know something you really should know about clits.

I’ve met scarce few people who’ve ever looked at the anatomy of the clitoris. 365 more words

A Hint Of Vanilla