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Work in progress - The Vulva Project

Just started work on re-purposing some existing sculptures.  Using the skins from boobscape – inverting breasts and teats, to create some small wall sculptures for the Vulva Project, curated by artist Rebeka Axon.  92 more words


Day 9, 10, 11 of 100 Days of Poetry

I’m still getting back in my writing ‘groove’. So that being said I’ll get it together and I’m keeping track of the days along with my thoughts in private journaling and these public poems. 529 more words

Life Beyond PTSD

The Sensual Vulva

(CW for c*** and p****)

Petition to allow “vulva” to be a sensual word.

Not necessarily a sexual word. A vulva is a normal part of the anatomy, and we don’t need to sexualize it in all contexts. 670 more words

Vulva Facts: AMA

I’m going to talk about vulvas. If you don’t like to think about those, don’t read this post. But if you have a vulva, or regularly interact with one, you should probably work to become comfortable thinking about them. 2,663 more words

Rosie, a late but great present and Wagamama

An evening with Rosie, sacking off the Happiness Festival for wine and chats instead.

My amazing birthday present from them! My vulva design, etched into a silver necklace. 11 more words

Early, chunks chat and a vulva play

Leaving work early.

Group chat about menstrual chunks and goddess rituals. Great in spag bol.

The play. Rejoicing at her wondrous vulva the young woman applauded herself. 24 more words


Vutch- Vulva Sketch

Using Sketchpad 5.1