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Men Are From Mars, Women From Venus, But There's Not Much Difference Between A Vagina And A Penis

Andrew Siegel MD 12/10/2016

What is it that most distinguishes a male from a female? The obvious answer is the genitals, with the penis/scrotum having a vastly different appearance from a vagina/vulva.   909 more words

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Are orgasms different depending if you have a penis or a vulva?

The physical process of orgasm is very similar to both men and women. When an orgasm occurs rapid muscle contractions are produced around the genital area (sometimes throughout the body) regardless of whether you have a penis or a vulva. 186 more words

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Cunnilingus Vs. Analingus

The theory behind both cunnilingus (oral stimulation of a woman’s genitals) and analingus (oral stimulation of the anus) might seem the same in theory; there’s a tongue and a hole in both cases. 429 more words



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Vaginaments, a woman stood on my back and cat messages

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How to Wash Your Vulva (Not Your Vagina)

First, the anatomy lesson you probably never got. The vagina is the hole and the inside of the hole where your period comes out of. Your vulva is everything you can see on the outside in your genital region including your labia and your clitoris. 799 more words

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