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Vaginaments, a woman stood on my back and cat messages

Vaginaments. I need these.
My first Thai massage. So crack-y.

The loud cat that snuck in and gave me the vicious meow. And the following WhatsApps.

How to Wash Your Vulva (Not Your Vagina)

First, the anatomy lesson you probably never got. The vagina is the hole and the inside of the hole where your period comes out of. Your vulva is everything you can see on the outside in your genital region including your labia and your clitoris. 799 more words


La forma de tu vulva afecta tu vida sexual

Un nuevo estudio afirma que la forma de la vulva afecta los orgasmos femeninos

La investigación publicada en la revista “Clinical Anatomy” plantea que la anatomía de la mujer tiene que ver con la… 159 more words



The vulva; a woman as a sex object.

by Tom Dalzell: The Routledge Dictionary of Modern American Slang


Good first day, feminist boss and the comedy trio

First day at work. Smashed it.

Pub with Ciaran and Alec. The dream team.

Doug sent me a vagina graffiti for my Instagram.

Why Are So Many Women Afraid of their Own Vaginas?

Since I began actively studying human sexuality I’ve noticed something over and over and over. Many straight women are uncomfortable with men going down on them. 673 more words

Sex Positive

So many vaginas, a vagina quiz and a fox mug

The Wall of Vulvas. From the Vagina Dispatches.

And acing their vagina quiz.

Leaving presents. I didn’t expect it. And I’ll always love an enamel mug with a fox on it.