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Movement on Scintilator

Well she has had a great deal of improvement on the V&V characteristics front. So here you go:Her V&V powers are better linked up with her Hero stats. 679 more words

St. Vincent De Paul food appeal 2016

     This year the school is assisting St. Vincent De Paul in their annual food appeal. For The first time in 40 years, they are without any money as it has been used up due to the economic downfall of the country. 29 more words

Parents Association

Parts and Parcels

One of the things about being a Player and creator in RPG’s is that frequently while building a character the designer desires a hook for the character.  199 more words

Fir Bolg Part 1

Fir Bolg is one of the better developed but unplayed characters in part because of a few comics and much fictional writing.  Alesander is of course a character who is a little bit based off of myself over a decade ago. 478 more words


Although I mentioned that the build-it-yourself facet of HERO System makes all sort of things possible, it is somewhat of a quantum state for other games though; in that in many cases it exists not really unless at the GM’s whim. 941 more words

Blank Character Sheets (Superheroes)

So When I build a Superhero Character I generally use one of three systems: V&V 2nd edition, TSR’s MSH and the HERO system.  There are exceptions, but since the majority is those three I built a sort of “Master Character sheet” using those three systems.  3,286 more words

The other thing I wish to talk about is Table Top Role Playing Games (TTRPG’s)  because, well, I like them.  I also probably need to establish credit as someone who thinks about this on a regular basis as well as just showing stuff I like. 853 more words