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Vehicles Part 1

Having talked about a few other things Vehicles are a very interesting from a Super heroic point of view.  Characters across various media can be spotted with iconic vehicles from flying bathtubs and Space/time/dimension hopping booths to more mundane but no less useful designs inspired and named after the hero. 1,691 more words

Pulling Powerful Animal Ideas

For me part of the fun about reading/listening to discoveries about the natural world is you get to run across so many interesting things and ideas.  3,132 more words

Adapting to the Changes

Adaptation: This power grants the ability to survive or even thrive in hostile environments, often those that would cause significant difficulty, injury or even death to unprotected humans.  1,239 more words

Absorbing Ideas

Part of the reason I like RPG’s is probably the building aspects.  Unlike in the real world I do have the focus, time and ability to see things through that aren’t really possible in the real world. 2,217 more words

Defining the Elements, House Rules

Though this might be seen as a part of Power Design series in reality this is more of a definition of conceptual mechanics rather than actual underpinnings.  1,107 more words

Expanded power descriptions V&V House Rules Part III

Continuing upon the previous explorations of V&V House rules with more “Simple Statements”  Sometimes with ‘simple’ things the basic presentation can be easy to say but difficult to explain and follow.  247 more words

The Three Design Concepts for Powers Part III

This is the last part of the explanation of the Three Design Concepts for Powers (Portions I and II found at the other end of their links) Although this is focused on V&V House rules these are ideally underpinnings of nearly any game system.  775 more words