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Bodily Differences as Power

This post covers the wide world of having an altered body from whatever source gives the character power.  The artwork is for Mutanic who I developed in response to the annoyance at the commonality of multi limbed characters either operating off of a single joint OR just getting taller.  2,237 more words

Name and Name Generation

Flashback to:

January 20, 2015 ·

“My name is so common that just this morning I got told that the random character generator for a game spewed my name out as an option for one of my coworkers to hire me to work for them… He did and hopes I know how to run a space station, otherwise he’ll fire me.” 304 more words

2d8-1 Examples of Vehicle Powers (With Extras!) You Have Never Seen Before…

Unless you read my Blog!! This post is an experiment in a listicle style post incorporating Photos (Which is of Excel data) and short lists to see if this is an interesting Data presentation.  1,206 more words

Buffyverse notes

A while back I posted about the links between Buffy and Roseanne which did not have much to do with Gaming.  Criminal I know.  In exchange here are a few notes that I had lying around for Buffyverse in V&V.  844 more words

1d8 ways to Win Animals and Influence Plants!

This power is generally speaking the ability to govern beasts at a much higher level than even exceptional training can often account for.

Animal/Plant Control: The Character can influence some kind of generally organic creature to do the players bidding.  1,832 more words

Vehicles Part 2

This post is less about the theories behind vehicle design and more about the potential mechanics one could use to describe the V&V vehicle options.  These are not set up for any particular campaign but my own and are not particularly balanced nor based upon any stats but general ballpark figures. 2,951 more words

03.22.17 - The Kills

Venue: Fox Theater
Location: Oakland, CA

Opening band: Dream Wife

The Kills setlist:
Heart of a Dog
URA Fever
Kissy Kissy
Hard Habit to Break… 64 more words