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Although I mentioned that the build-it-yourself facet of HERO System makes all sort of things possible, it is somewhat of a quantum state for other games though; in that in many cases it exists not really unless at the GM’s whim. 941 more words

Blank Character Sheets (Superheroes)

So When I build a Superhero Character I generally use one of three systems: V&V 2nd edition, TSR’s MSH and the HERO system.  There are exceptions, but since the majority is those three I built a sort of “Master Character sheet” using those three systems.  3,286 more words

The other thing I wish to talk about is Table Top Role Playing Games (TTRPG’s)  because, well, I like them.  I also probably need to establish credit as someone who thinks about this on a regular basis as well as just showing stuff I like. 853 more words

The road to PS VR

November 1st 2016

So after a lot of begging and saving, I was finally able to get the PS VR recently and holy cow, it really is an experience. 332 more words


THE KILLS: Roundhouse. 7th October 2016

The thing about the aftermath of a gig is the comedown that ruins you. For those couple of hours when you’re crammed in a room full of people who are there with the same motives and thoughts as you is comforting. 968 more words

THE KILLS: Albert Hall, Manchester. 29th September 2016.

I’ve had next to no sleep so what you are about to read is the ramblings of someone who has trouble sleeping at the best of times, but this time it is coming from a better place. 1,026 more words