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The SUV Take Over!

The South African market has seen a remarkable change over the years in terms of the type of cars you see on the road. I remember growing up in the early 90s it was not an uncommon sight to see a station wagon. 238 more words

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Bring A Little EU Class To NYC

Over in Europe they have a pretty impressive collection of family cars.  From the mighty Mercedes to the humble Volkswagen.  If it is made in Germany then you know it’s got quality written all over it.   477 more words


Rally: Stage One

In a sleepy village somewhere in the West Country a pair of idiots are causing curtains to twitch, creating mayhem and blocking the road by loading a loud, race ready Polo onto a trailer. 799 more words

Budget Rallying

West Coast Choppers Is Selling Hermann Göring's VW Beetle on eBay

“Hey, dear reader—any chance you happen to be a mass murder-obsessed car collector with a particular fetish for Volkswagens owned by despicable people? Well, then, we’ve got good news for you. 131 more words


T5 wipers not working?

So the wipers are fucked on your T5? maybe not…

Pop the bonnet and let it slam shut. VW made a clever interlock to stop you losing your fingers if the bonnet is up, key turned on and wipers turned on intermittent. 46 more words

Georgia Legislature Retains Status Quo in 2017 General Assembly Session - Highest EV Road Use Fees in the USA

Georgia Legislature Retains Status Quo in 2017 General Assembly Session

As the 2017 Georgia General Assembly 40-day legislative session wraps up, electric vehicle drivers continue to be saddled with the… 328 more words