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WH Storyline...

Here’s dialogue between Jacob and Holbert in Chapter I of Jacob’s Story…

Holbert: “My homeland, far to the east, miles from where i stand…

Jacob: “Holbert…” 200 more words

Wielding Honor


Jacob is a hermit living up in the mountain of Eagle Pass.  He and his band protect it from Darkness.  Jacob writes poetry and enjoys philosophy.

Wielding Honor

Wielding Honor

RPG Game

Hi guys, I’m currently developing an RPG for Windows PC.  If you want to check out the site and see what it’s about, chick here

RPG Maker VX Ace


This is the home of the Paladins.  Technically the Dead Marsh is a part of Celestia but Tristan gave it to the Witches to govern.  The Paladins only go there to aid them if it’s attacked.  16 more words

Wielding Honor

Spring Village

Spring Village, in the Realm of Mortals and Land of Oblivion.  still gotta do some modifications

RPG Maker VX Ace

The Warmaiden has come

Wow, it’s been two years! TWO YEEAAARS! I feel like starting a project again.

This time, it’s about a girl that was chosen to become a Warmaiden, and is destined to save the world from danger. 49 more words

VX Ace