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The Warmaiden has come

Wow, it’s been two years! TWO YEEAAARS! I feel like starting a project again.

This time, it’s about a girl that was chosen to become a Warmaiden, and is destined to save the world from danger. 49 more words

VX Ace

[VX Ace Script] Simple Dynamic Music Script

You can get it from here.

Description and features:

My dynamic music script allows the developer to switch between different variations of a track using variable changes and a simple, customizable naming system. 301 more words



Dragon Scroll Origins is getting better just as of last night I almost finished a map, within that map I have made a little story twist! 62 more words

Good Day!

It is a new day for new opportunities! Back in the office once again ready to develop ‘Dragon Scroll Origins’

Sneak Peak!

Here is a sneak peak of what to expect in ‘Dragon Scroll Origins’

Hope you get excited because there is massive development going on here!

For Fun Projects Update: 2D RPG Project

No new pixel art this week (sorry!) because I decided to work out how the story was going to go in order to better decide what resources to finish first. 140 more words