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Marina Resort — Tale of Phobias in A New City.

The only time “Feline” had no spoken relation to my lower half, was the idea of ‘VYNE’ being conveyed across sea points in anything less reliable than the hand of GOD himself. 448 more words


Margaret Zhang; Art that lives, breathes & is mostly wearing a bang! 

She’s captivating this woman, she is ART!!!!!!!! especially how I cannot particularly state what it is that makes the fondness so intense today.

A more holistic term would be simple-sophistication. 98 more words


The Four Walls Of Education is Already A Flaw.

” I want you to get mad & uncomfortable but more importantly, I want you to question everything you were taught until you can stand under the light of your own discovery. 1,097 more words


The Haute Pursuit: The One Woman Who Gets "IT"!

Advertising is shit until done right. Well a lot of people effortlessly get it wrong and it’s all off the miseducation of the business sphere. Selling garbage to garbage men with the promise of financial freedom but advertising is one of the marketing strategies that come with an invoice, well, with the last line that goes something like… “if you want to see “results”..” 582 more words