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[Free Audiobooks] 2 free titles from AudioSYNC Summer of Reading [Young Adult, History Essays, Historical Fiction]

AudioFile’s SYNC Summer of Listening 2017 promotion for young adults continues, which offers 2 free audiobooks per week—1 classic or non-fiction, 1 modern—as free MP3 downloads, usually available worldwide (some titles are subject to geo-restrictions, and you can see the… 171 more words


Remnants of Chocolate City: The Washingtonian Street Performer

Last summer 2016, I attempted to start a blog dedicated to capturing the opinions of natives on gentrification. Instead, a summers worth of work became just this one blog post – maybe it will evolve into a series when I become disciplined. 323 more words

"The wonder is that you are here": poetry, community, and Anne Spencer

One of my favorite visiting-writer stories involves a New York-based author who, while guzzling artisanal cocktails in a local restaurant, said something like, “I don’t know why anyone would bother to write if they don’t live in Brooklyn.” That was a hilariously awful remark to make to his Virginia-writer-dinner-companions, but I get it. 500 more words

African Influence

The many connections of Ghanaians between each other and outsiders has many influences. The first of which, is media. The way Ghanaians perceive themselves, other Africans, and African Americans reflects how those groups are portrayed in the press. 500 more words


The Black Panther and Racial Profiling in Jungle Action #20

In preparation for the February 2018 premier of the Black Panther film, I started to delve into Don McGregor’s incarnation of Black Panther in the revived… 1,430 more words

Lovely But Sterile?

W.E.B. DuBois once wrote that academic philosophy is the ‘lovely but sterile land of philosophical speculation.’ He decides to turn his attention to history and the social sciences so he can offer more concrete answers and practical help to his beleaguered fellow black citizens. 920 more words

Written By Amy Cools