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Jace update

At the time I have a bunch of cards on my table getting altered. I have a huge project that I am working on and will not reveal before it is completely done. 72 more words

Dewil Altered Mtg

Can you Guess who this is?

I have not really had time to sit down and carry on with my calendar project.
But I did have a few mins spare last night to do some sketching. 125 more words


WIP: Weird West-ern Terr-ain for Really, Very Dusty Sorts of Skirmish Games

As the Middling is still amidst the great migration of early 2015, the orgy of terrain assembly and priming continues. Until a proper painting set-up is arrived at for the returning to the painting of miniatures, the order of the day is making use of time and industriousness to assemble models (most especially terrain) and all with the aim to have them all the closer to the critical stage that will be painting (or more truthfully, gathering dust in the long paint queue). 858 more words


WIP: A City for the Undead…Because, Have You Seen the Rents for the Living Around Here?

Hobby progress has not quite stalled amidst the Middling’s change of residence, venue, and city, it has merely taken on different forms and with different goals. 431 more words


Jace the mind sculptor

This one I am altering for a friend.

I really enjoy doing alters like these, and we have already agreed that I will do more walkers with LOL characters. 38 more words

Dewil Altered Mtg

W.i.p, sunshine and tin-foil sculpting.

There’s sunshine today. And glorius blue sky (fun fact: in japanese the kanji 空 means both sky and air, isn’t it appropriate?). Makes me so happy. 382 more words