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The Work In-Progress

Now let’s face it, we’ve all wanted to try something new, to end what is and begin what can be. This is what primarily makes up an adventure, the beginning (the place that you’re starting from) and the end (the place where you end up). 378 more words


WIP!: Back from the Dead, with Zombie Friends (Who are only ready for priming, really)

Being embroiled in moves, homemaking, hobby-space-organizing, and general life shuffling has left the Middling to neglect this here blog a bit. However, like the revenant, he returns with some hobby progress of an undead nature. 521 more words


Miami Beach Approved Selection Renderings

Here is a sample of some of the renderings we presented today at the conclusion of the furniture selection process for this beautiful Miami Beach home. 24 more words


WIP: The Middling Continues His Moving Whilst Building the Very Near Future Housing that Alludes Him

The great relocation project of 2015 (as opposed to the great-er re-location project of 2014) is still underway, as The Middling has reached the stage of moving in to the new digs, but still awaiting delivery of larger, comfy-esque furniture items. 613 more words


Jace update

At the time I have a bunch of cards on my table getting altered. I have a huge project that I am working on and will not reveal before it is completely done. 72 more words

Dewil Altered Mtg

Can you Guess who this is?

I have not really had time to sit down and carry on with my calendar project.
But I did have a few mins spare last night to do some sketching. 125 more words


WIP: Weird West-ern Terr-ain for Really, Very Dusty Sorts of Skirmish Games

As the Middling is still amidst the great migration of early 2015, the orgy of terrain assembly and priming continues. Until a proper painting set-up is arrived at for the returning to the painting of miniatures, the order of the day is making use of time and industriousness to assemble models (most especially terrain) and all with the aim to have them all the closer to the critical stage that will be painting (or more truthfully, gathering dust in the long paint queue). 858 more words