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Things are coming

Hello all!

I’ve been busy! Not that that will change anytime soon but I feel the need for some much-needed blog catching up.

So The Chapel project is still simmering nicely and I’ve been working hard on the Entrance board with all the parts printed and cast and now being assembled. 345 more words



A bit of nose art for the fighter I am currently building.



Who is my audience? As an author there is not a day that goes by that I am not asking myself this question. I have, I think come to a decision on it. 348 more words


Upcoming releasesĀ 

Well, I am on a ball. So I have been considering what I should do with “Death of Neverland ” and the other Novella “Madness & Truth” that I nearly have done. 142 more words


Concept Fighter WIP Part 3

Some idea for the wings for this.
Not to sure on this one.

I think this lay out work much better but I am thinking of turning the wing round so they face forward. 36 more words


Poetic licenseĀ 

Recently I asked for advice on my poetry… And it got me thinking. The advice was given that I need to add smilies and metaphors in my poetry, because there is no poetry with out it. 237 more words


Concept Fighter WIP Part 2

Here is attempt two on this fighter, this time round I have just worked on the body.
I am much happier with the way it looks this time round. 32 more words