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My Wireframes done in illustrator! Just done in order to gain more ideas.

My wireframe for theme 1:

My wireframe for theme 2:


My Magic 8 wireframes I sketched up.

Good to get random ideas how and see how they go. I’ll have to ditch a few of them as they just wont work very well in order to get information across.

The voice of a rose

This is the second time I have tried to do this post. My Facebook friends list is filled with writer’s. I did that on purpose. I surrounded myself on social media with writer’s and artists and crafty people, so i no longer felt as alone. 520 more words



The razor’s edge
Splitting me in two.
Moments of clarity,
Only one or two.
Twisted within
my sanity…
Trying to piece
Together the mind
That sleep left behind. 47 more words


Life Drops

As life drops down
A cheek profound,
I can’t help this longing.
I am sinking,
Writing songs not to be
Sung or even passed along. … 31 more words


Insomnia demons and insisting muses.

Okay, i am often treated to bouts of insomnia. The reasons vary. Often it is just not being able to quiet my busy mind. Last night was the first time in over a month. 221 more words


Flowers in bloom, head goes boom

just an fyi….sinus season means lots of headaches. lots of me getting less done. ┬áSo I am fighting through it. I have mom details to see to. 77 more words