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WIP | Meadowlark

“Are you getting distracted, pretty boy?”

The Mistress spoke to him, her voice smooth and soft, but there’s a power in it that calls his attention above all others in the club.

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WIP | 9.3.16

It’s bleak, and cold. The fires of war have died out, leaving ash and char about the land. The destruction offers no comfort, no hope. Where buildings stood, there is nothing but brick and mortar crumbled and scattered about.

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2015-12(Dec)-28-Mon-03:23 (entry 2/2)

Futur idea to explore:

Something about musicians and how they focus on the feeling of satisfaction from either exteriorizing or connecting, and whether this observation applies to other fields or circumstances. 161 more words

Primates On Typewriters

Mercedes W07 and Lewis Hamilton

I did a very rough drawing of this not to long ago.
Here is a cleaned up version with details.
I have left out the background this time as it is part of another project I am working on.


That's a wrap!

And just like that, six months after starting, another novel is done.

I trivialize the effort and attention this thing actually required, of course, but only in the name of pointing out that it took me six… 130 more words

Nurgles Plague Worm

Here’s a little teaser shot of a rather large monstrosity I have been working on over the past month. A Plague Worm of Nurgle. This leviathan will be the center piece of the army and I have a long way to go until I’m happy it’s finished, but for now here’s a shot of the head.


The Art of Stjepan Šejić

I came across Stjepan Šejić work by chance while looking at stuff on Devaintart.
I took a look at his profile and found that I was enjoying seeing the art he was producing. 982 more words