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How to avoid the fight (by Kyu)

Hi folks, how are you?

Yesterday I had a day off so I choosed to work a bit more on the anime.
And as a result, here comes last week’s progress: 86 more words


Watch out where you walk!!

Hi folks, how are you?

Today, let’s take a look at two more plans:

Well that’s it! XD
Thanks for watching, take care and see you next week!!


Shin (choku?)

Hi Folks, how are you?

Today let’s simply take a look at the (進捗/ shinchoku) “progression” of scene number 2!
This is the first time you’ll see young Shin, hope you’ll like it: 136 more words


Secret Terrariums WIP #3

Boxes have been constructed, with the tops left open as those will be the very last thing added after materials have been set inside. Initials holes for the keyhole covers have been made, the covers will be attached shortly after staining the boxes. 58 more words


OST Practice!

Hi folks, how are you?

Today is the one year birthday of this site and sooooo…
Let’s celebrate with music!! ^o^) /
Making music for the anime is really exciting, I love it but I want it to sound a lot more better and… 50 more words


Hi folks, how are you?
Today I will share with you a short plan from the upcoming cut.
Let’s watch it together:

I tried a different way of creating the 3D background. 90 more words