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De retour à l’atelier après une semaine d’abscence. Que cela fait du bien de retrouver ma poussière, mon espace chaotique, ma vue panoramique. J’en ai profité la semaine dernière pour refaire mon site internet et le traduire enfin bref j’ai remis de l’orde dans ma vie virtuelle. 320 more words


Concept Fighter WIP Part 2

Here is attempt two on this fighter, this time round I have just worked on the body.
I am much happier with the way it looks this time round. 32 more words


Concept Fighter WIP

I have started to build a new fighter, I have not decided if this will be able to head into space or just have it as Atmosphere craft. 63 more words



“What is your name?”


He felt the skin of his back split as the oak-wood cane came across it. It stung, biting into his flesh before radiating out heat from the place of impact. 745 more words


True Scale 2

Today I have a few images showing my progress on the True Scale Space Marines. I decided on the Death Watch parts to try out how they would look with my parts and I have to say I’m pretty pleased so far. 38 more words