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30 Questions & Answers About My W.I.P.

Recently I was tagged to do a #WIPjoy blog post. For those who don’t know #WIPjoy (as far as I know, since I’m new myself) is a Twitter tag wherein writers share insights and behind-the-scenes info about their works-in-progress via daily questions and answers. 1,449 more words

Dead Wood

Just a quick one today. Here’s a dead tree stump that’s being produced at the moment.

I plan to use it for the Albino Woods board.

Hope you like it.

3D Print

WIP! 54mm Chaos for Inquisitor, Because OOP Games Need A Little Hate Too!

There has never been quite sufficient quantity models for the Inquisitor line, and no more so when it comes to the “bad guys.” There are a few official options like the Chaos Sorcerer and some conversion kits produced by GW prime, but to even have a middling quantity in your collection a 54mm wargamer must find alternatives and get creative. 216 more words



I thought I was in love with you. You haunted my life for five years with your words, your eyes, your hands and your tears. I was too young and too naïve to leave, too scared of loneliness, too empathetic to abandon you in your ball of depression. 147 more words


Æolus the Scarlet

Æolus the Scarlet, or The Scarlet Guide as he is known, is a romantic soul who’s travels have brought it’s fair share of tragedy to his life. 366 more words


In the works

Today is just a few pics of what’s been happening with Black Earth stuff. Work for The Chapel mostly.

I can’t wait to have the board finished, it’s taking up too much room ;)

3D Print

planning and prompted writing

I have been writing more lately.  This is a good thing.  my poetry is flowing. And the stories are trying to do the same. this is where my issue is.   161 more words