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The Junkyard Zombie 

They are definitely not your average family. They live in a junkyard. And they are a big family. But when the dead walk, well, they handle it. 114 more words


Work In Progress: The Deangelo Part 2 

When I decided to do a Work In Progress series I made the choice to include every bit of my process. I’ll film and post the videos when I can. 616 more words


Work In Progress: The Deangelo 

I asked some readers of the blog what kind of posts they would like to see. I got varied responses but I heard from several people that they’d like to see a chronicle of a routine, from inception to working material. 626 more words


WIP!: Apes in Rebellion for Dust 1947, Early Walker Builds

In the lore of Paolo Parente’s weird world war 2 sci-fi wargame, Dust 1947, the Axis Bloc’s Blutkreuz Korps has experimented in all manner of questionable ways with arcane technologies — lazer weaponry, super-soldier serums, the walking dead — but in no way more diabolical (or characterful) than with their kampfaffen: their battle apes. 444 more words


An introduction to the castle on the Island of Truth

The castle has been there for two millennia, home to beauty and tragedy. Most of it’s history has been revealed, or so it is believed. Built of solid stone, blood and sweat. 113 more words


Diary of a Writer - March Writing Prompt

This picture was taken just over a month ago in Trinidad, Cuba. The horse or pony was much in evidence as a means of personal transport and as a draught animal. 163 more words

WIP: Some Paint On (54mm) Squats for Inquisitor, Painted-On Some Time Back, Painted-ly

A small few of the various 54mm squat models shown before on Middling Wars have undergone some (very) modest progress over the last weeks, months, and years. 461 more words