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[WIP] Relic

The electronic beep woke up the charging station attendant ,through the door walked a thin, almost malnourished human.He handed his scan card.”How much?” the attendant asked the human. 329 more words


W.I.P. & a Recovery Day

I just started my first knit project that wasn’t a dishcloth or super simple shawl. I’ve wanted to try my hand at simple knit slippers, with the hope of gifting them for Christmas. 187 more words

Am Knitting

#storydares prompt

He crumpled the note in his fist, while wiping away his tears.

“Hello, prevention hotline…”said a soft voice from his cell phone as it fell from his other hand to the floor. 37 more words


Inktober: Poison 003

Day 3 of Inktober – loving today’s word! I know my concept is not original, but there is something about the word poison that always makes me think of apples. 27 more words


Inktober: Divided 002

It’s only day 2 of Inktober & I’m having a blast. Nothing puts you in the mood to be creative like a daily challenge. It’s only the second day, so here’s to keeping up the momentum. 15 more words


Inktober: Swift 001

Getting into the holiday spirit this year with Inktober! A drawing prompt created my Jake Parker where creatives (and anyone who likes to doodle) draw something new every day using inks. 24 more words


Kate Brady's Work in Progress

Hello hello!

I’m always busy working on something. From lettering to design and illustration, I love to have a project or 7 on my desk. What can I say? 37 more words