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Remodeling Sunset Valley | The Sims 3

Hey y’all!

One of my favorite games ever is The Sims 3. Yes, it is a game still filled with annoying bugs and glitches, but I feel that it is probably the strongest of the series in modern time. 361 more words


I survived

I am pleased to claim 19 of the 24 prompts given for the marathon. I have 20 poems now for Literary Drops. I hope to be publishing it in December.


True Scale Trials

Hello all!

It’s been a while and I’ve been busy. While the Chapel boards take shape and the date draws near I have been busy with some other projects as well. 263 more words


The Entrance w.i.p

Hello all! So as you’ve probably read the awesome dude behind¬†Leadballoony¬†Alex came over last weekend to delve into the realms of the Albino Woods and begin the creation of the ground where many shall meet there doom. 100 more words


Work In Progress: The Deangelo Part 7

For the past 4 months I’ve been working on writing my very own The Deangelo, a comedy juggling routine with no juggling in it. You can just talk about juggling, pantomime juggling, or a little of both. 406 more words


Things are coming

Hello all!

I’ve been busy! Not that that will change anytime soon but I feel the need for some much-needed blog catching up.

So The Chapel project is still simmering nicely and I’ve been working hard on the Entrance board with all the parts printed and cast and now being assembled. 345 more words



A bit of nose art for the fighter I am currently building.