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Men of Letters

A.A. Milne and Z.Z. Top are not just at the opposite ends of the 20th century’s cultural and chronological spectrum, they are also polar examples of another kind.   794 more words

Oscar Wilde

On This Day -15 April 1912 - The Titanic sinks on her maiden voyage

Nowadays we celebrate human disaster almost as much as success, except we call it commemoration. That’s the rationale behind the magnificent Titanic Experience in Belfast. Remembrance = tragedy + time. 663 more words

. . .SPEAKING ITS NAME : The Importance of Being Heterosexual

It is impossible to discuss Oscar Wilde, and his downfall, without also discussing sodomy laws, which were still on the books in most Western countries until quite recently. 2,877 more words

Understanding the affects of The Offences against the Person Act 1861

I have often spoke of the 1885 act that affected gay and bisexual men but before this act another law came into place that even though it was not progression in many ways it certainly had some affect on gay life between 1861 and 1885. 941 more words


Predikan 24 oktober 2015 - Inte bara hjälpa fattiga!

Denna predikan hölls i samband med Frälsningsarméns internationella bönedag för människohandelns offer.

Lukasevangeliets tionde kapitel och vers 29-35 är nog en av de mest kända berättelserna från Biblen och handlar om den barmhärtige samariern, eller samariten i äldre översättningar. 2,859 more words