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Interpretation of a Lacuna: Ambiguity

A lacuna can be defined as an unfilled space, a gap, a pause or in-between space. I interpret ambiguity – the quality of being open to more than one interpretation – to be an intriguing example of a lacuna. 453 more words


Blog Post 1: What is lacuna?

After watching La Jetée by Chris Marker, it opened my eyes to the concept of lacuna in a macro and micro sense, and how one supports the other. 409 more words


What is lacuna? Week 1.

The definition of the noun lacuna in English is :

1 An unfilled space; a gap.
1.1 A missing portion in a book or manuscript. 458 more words


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A void

Humans have attempted to personify the idea of nothingness to try and understand this vast concept. In creation this idea of a void, not valid or legally binding, completely empty, containing nothing or an unfilled space. 440 more words

The Lacuna of Memory - Lacunar Amnesia

A lacuna is an unfilled space or also known as a gap. An interpretation of a lacuna I think is interesting lacunar amnesia. Amnesia is to be defined as a “pathologic impairment of memory” this is resulted from injuries, disease and/or alcoholism which results into a physical damage to areas of the brain. 455 more words

Interpretation of Lacuna.

Lacuna. A simple word used to describe ‘space’ or a ‘gap’. It’s quite interesting to begin thinking lacuna as a missing presence or a mist of unknown substance within something then discover how lacuna is just invisibly present in the world of still and moving images. 443 more words