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My First Resource

I thought I’d begin my first resource with what was probably the first website I viewed about basic HTML, JS and CSS.


w3schools has to one of the most vital resources in learning web development. 19 more words

Girls In IT

Research, research, etc.

Nothing worth doing comes easily and that certainly has been a running theme for me. While there are countless ways to learn coding online for free, there are countless wrong turns you can make. 250 more words

HTML Tags - Flash Cards on Quizlet

I made some flash cards on Quizlet for studying HTML tags:

Source: HTML Element Reference on W3Schools

Each card also has some example code for reference.

Where to start?

It is a very generic problem for almost every thing. As long as you have internet on your computer, you probably have the enough information to be anything (Physics Engineer, Big Data Analyst, Carpenter and even Front-End Developer). 234 more words

Head First Series

SQL Tutorials

w3schools is a free developer’s resource.  They have a bunch of tutorials that are pretty comprehensive for beginners.  So far I’ve only tackled the SQL sections.   42 more words


w3schools - A great online programming tutorial and resource site

Link to w3schools.com

For any beginner in programming, especially for server-side programming, it is an excellent tutorial site and you must try it.
It contains tutorial material, and most importantly, a feature called “try it now”. 16 more words


Teaching Coding to Middle Schoolers: Week 6

This week we covered ‘for’ loops and arrays.

Keeping up with Codecademy

I found the first two units were all over the place. Since we were all just getting used to the idea of completing tutorials outside of class and JavaScript in general, I felt a guilty holding them accountable on a deadline, so I laid off. 719 more words