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Convert your excel table into HTML

Until I discovered this converter website, I would actually type out the tr, td and table codes. Not necessarily a problem, unless you intend to create a large table with many columns and rows. 277 more words


HTML Table with internal links

As you may know, WordPress.com does not allow the use of javascript coding within our posts.

I wanted to create a searchable table (or a filtered table) and scoured the internet to find a non-javascript code that could deliver on my vision of this searchable function. 343 more words


HTML coding

At CIT for my Author Interactive Media class we are making a website each designed to promote us as designers.  For everyone else their individual websites will combine together to make one big website for exhibitions, because I am only part-time my individual website will not be part of this. 62 more words


website development is usually a nice career alternative in the event you love to code, like to design and love to strengthen some superb web sites. 722 more words


Is Google Okay?

It has been more than two days now when i see the most famous search engine in the world is vacuum. Yeah you know, they usually provided the search engine with animations or maybe events or famous characters and figures. 312 more words

What's HOT

Day 3

w3schools – HTML Input Attributes
exercises 1-4


w3schools HTML5 Introduction!
New Elements

Semantic Elements <header><footer><article>and <section>

attributes of form elements… 229 more words


Starting at the beginning

I am starting at the with w3schools.com with HTML. I know this is a the basic and the very beginning. But I figure it is going to be good place to start and I can figure out where to go from there. 473 more words