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5 Website terbaik untuk belajar Bahasa Pemrograman (Coding)

Programming atau coding adalah proses pembuatan sebuah program menggunakan bahasa pemrograman komputer. jika anda tertarik mempelajarinya lebih dalam, saat ini sudah banyak website yang memberikan fitur pelatihan programming. 10 more words

Online Learning and Web Design

There are a variety of ways to learn HTML online. For example, many websites offer free video tutorials and lessons you can take to help you learn. 254 more words


So what is code?!

I first discovered HTML when I started a Tumblr very very long ago. It always seemed interesting to me – messing around with bits of code to create something wholly unique. 232 more words


Web Design Training

Personally, I’m not much a fan of online learning. I like preparing my mind by preparing my schoolbag,┬ámaking a mental transition as I transition physically from home to the classroom. 159 more words


Web Design

Web Design Training:
After looking through Creativebloq.com┬áthat suggests the best websites to use when beginning the web design training process, the one I believe is the easiest and most convenient to use is… 217 more words


The Best Web Design Training Course

Best Web Design Training Course

In my opinion, I believe W3Schools is the best option when looking for a web design training course. It’s great for anybody who doesn’t know much about HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 275 more words


Online Learning and Wedesign

Weekly Lab

This week in class it was a little different. This time we had a guess speaker. She also majored in Communication. Now she is working for the school. 439 more words