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hunters hunted

Had a lot of fun with this and feel much better following yesterdays effort lol. had this idea last night while two owls kept me awake hooting outside the house. 24 more words

from Beneath

Wasn’t going to post this up, I lost the love for this halfway through and slightly overcooked it, but its a good foot note to again try harder and work harder. 12 more words


Trying to speed up work flows today….it didn’t work. mental ray is still giving me problems even after all this time :) next task is to work out how to bake out normal maps from a ship….wow I have such an exciting life :) 6 more words

My Little Cake in a Jar

Taking a break from the logo designing, drew this sketch with an old app. Downloaded long ago, but only recently realised that it was actually compatible with my Wacom creative stylus. 64 more words

Simple Work

John Wick

I folded and got myself a Cintiq over the weekend. I’ve been itching to get one for a while now.

Some i've learned to let go.

82 more words


Spring is finally here, means my mood is super duper and I can enjoy this beautiful weather. I just have uni until 2 on fridays friyays!  99 more words