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Why the Athlete Biological Passport is Important for Clean Sport

UKAD’s Head of Science and Medicine, Nick Wojek discusses the importance of the Athlete Biological Passport in protecting clean sport.

There has been a lot of focus recently on the Athlete Biological Passport. 997 more words

Clean Sport

इक वादा था जो टूट गया

इक रिश्ता था जो रूठ गया।
इक वादा था जो टूट गया।।

तेरी दिल की तंग गलियो से।
मेरा आना जाना छूट गया।।

बैठा हूँ यारजी सहरा में।
मै अंदर -अंदर टूट गया।।

बाँधा था उम्मीदों की डोर से।
वो इश्क़ का धागा टूट गया।।

सोचता हु तेरा मगरमछ के आंसू बहाना,
अब भी है या छूट गया।।

मोहब्बत के फलसफे से अब तो।
भरोसा यारजी उठ गया।।


A Boxer From Albania Suspended From Baku 2015 European Games For Positive Doping Test

In accordance with the Article 7.1 of the European Olympic Committee (EOC) Anti-Doping Rules, the Albanian boxer Rexhildo Zeneli has been suspended from Baku 2015 European Games following the decisions of the EOC Executive Committee on the recommendation of the EOC’s Committee for Legal, Eligibility, Disciplinary and Doping Matters. 121 more words


Money may buy you endurance; but integrity, hard work and pride are priceless.

This post is a bit off-topic.  Sorry about that.  Generally I don’t tend to get on my soap box about much, but after my run this morning I ran a nice bath and put on this week’s Marathon Talk podcast.   610 more words


News, Rumors and More...

I honestly wish I could do more than just read articles and translate / summarize them. I wish I could witness events firsthand, interview people myself, and dig for stories that people would want to read. 749 more words


Batata Wada

  • Servings: 4-5
  • Time: 35mins
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Popular Mumbai street snack made with mashed potato mixed with spices, coated in gram flour batter and deep fried.

159 more words

fantasy friday 6/5/2015 chicago cubs

road trip

go to visting clubhouse in Nationals Park

Wada was rock by the  nats bats 1.34 whip

Anthony Rizzo the ops leader of the Cubs with 1.047  started my new beat the streak with  a 2-4 night would have 3-4 if not for Denard Span’s great play

where they stand 3rd 7.5 gb

Anthony Rizzo