I Wanted to Be Wade Boggs, but I'm More Like Bill Buckner

By Colin Woodward

Back in 2009, my then girlfriend (now wife), bought me a pack of baseball cards. I saw the cards of many players I grew up with. 1,786 more words

"And Junior Junkie begat another junkie"

As I have gotten back into the hobby, I have heard the term “super collector” on various blogs and websites.  At the end of the previous post, I asked what it took to be considered a super collector because I believe that I now might consider myself to be one. 337 more words


1999 Linear Championship History

ABOVE: Wade Boggs collects his 3000th career hit, but the Cleveland Indians — who held the linear championship for 40 days over their 13 reigns — still defeat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. 672 more words

Linear Championship

2005 HoME Election Results

To many, our 45th election in 2005 was somewhat predictable. For others, it may not have been. Wade Boggs got in on his first ballot, and with over 3000 hits and five batting titles there no surprise at all in his honoring him. 503 more words


Zimmer Jersey to Be Retired Opening Day and Other Off Day Notes

Opening Day is to be a celebration, and it will be with the retirement of the number 66 jersey in honor of Don Zimmer on April 6th.   249 more words

Every Tragic Misfortune In 'The Simpsons' Classic 'Homer At The Bat,' Ranked

Mets legend Darryl Strawberry celebrated his 53rd birthday recently. We’re also edging closer and closer to the start of the MLB season. Combine all that together with the recent… 624 more words