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Everyone’s A Terrorist

By: Gilliany Roche (Fall, 2015)

The terrorist attacks that took place on September 11th, 2001 killed approximately 2,996 people. When America declared war on Iraq in 2003, the body count in Iraq was over 10,000. 1,100 more words


Installation Revelation

So you’re walking by the Stamp Gallery one afternoon. Peaking through the glass exterior, you see that there are boxes and packing paper scattered throughout. You see some power tools on the benches, and a ladder leaning against the corner. 769 more words


Domestic Tension.

Throughout the subject thus far, a lot of the central ideas in computational media continue to circle around the relationship between two parties that exist concurrently. 779 more words

The Worn Photograph

Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography takes viewers far beyond the heart shaped locket. Now on view at the Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan, the exhibition explores the history of the pairing of photographic images and accessories of adornment. 726 more words


...and Counting

In 2010, Wafaa Bilal had a message to share about the way Americans understood the Iraq war. He was responding to the way that the number of  American casualties of the war was greatly publicized, but the much larger number of Iraqi casualties was largely ignored. 223 more words


Try to Walk with the Sound of My Footsteps

“Try to Walk With the Sound of My Footsteps”: The Surveillant Body in Contemporary Art. Communication Review 11 (January-March 2008): 24-41.

While the prevailing response to surveillance has been sousveillance, or the turning of surveillance against itself, this paper suggests that the usefulness of such responses depends on granting power to the video surveillance camera as the roving eye of an elusive disciplinary body. 36 more words

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Theory of the drone 2: Hunting

This is the second in a series of posts on Grégoire Chamayou‘s Théorie du drone.

3: Theoretical principles of man-hunting

Chamayou opens his discussion with a revealing vignette.   2,450 more words