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Rusty Paintings

It’s been a while since I posted an artwork and certainly not one with a fish on my head before.

The base of this piece is all newspaper from last Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald. 213 more words


Budgie Smugglers

‘You might have to explain to your international readers what budgie smugglers are’ says Dad upon me entering the house.

Oh. Oops. Didn’t even think of that. 845 more words

Waffle And Nonsense

Once were brushes

A wing-nut plastic item with a sliver coating has been rescued from the jaws of Pickle. What on earth is it? ‘Pickle, where did you get it? 276 more words

Waffle And Nonsense

New toy: UP band by Jawbone

Marketing is odd, is it not? You have a band that you wear on your wrist and it helps you monitor your sleep – of course you are going to call that band “UP”. 476 more words

Waffle And Nonsense

Conference Frogs and Princes

OK, I’m seriously behind on my blogging.

And my unpacking…¬†And my washing.

But I’ve been catching up on my cat cudding!

I have written one blog post over on my more work related blog… … 49 more words

Waffle And Nonsense

42 word challenge: a twist

Ezekial it seems is dead. I was hoping 42 readers would submit 3 words a piece for me to use in a blog post challenge. If I didn’t get 42 people, I gave myself permission to duck out of this, as using 126 reader selected words in one post and have it make sense was going to be a challenge! 172 more words

Waffle And Nonsense

In celebration of 126 followers: Ezekial the budgie

Some time ago I wrote a blog post to celebrate reaching 42 followers. The idea was simple, I was going to write a post using 42 words submitted by my readers, with up to 3 words each. 172 more words

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