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To me, there is no place that does breakfast better than Waffle House (for the price). And this morning was even better because one of my friends from Culinary school is working here. 210 more words


The Best American Chain Restaurants, Starting With Waffle House

Trump’s Vice Presidential candidate, Mike Pence, went to New York City to go to a Chili’s and send a picture. This freaked the internet out, partially because of mirror angles, but moreso because if there is anything you cannot do, it’s admit that you eat at a chain restaurant. 1,199 more words


So . . . My Car Broke Down

Well . . . not exactly.

Recently a couple of friends, my boyfriend, and I decided to go to Waffle House. Now my boyfriend and one of my friends both have small trucks. 474 more words


East Coast Stand-by: Waffle House - Anywhere but here...

If you’re on the east coast, and you’re beat up from the road, there is no better place to gather your thoughts and reflect on your travels that over a waffle and a double order of hash browns, covered, peppered, and chunked.

Matthew Berdyck

Waffle House, Worship and Race Relations: The People You Meet

After an early Friday evening nap that lasted well past dinner, I woke to a messy apartment and an empty belly. So after tossing a load of colors into the washing machine and dishes into the dishwasher, I contemplated my fate. 819 more words

Over the Line Show #52 Up Yours Education

On Today’s Show:

Bacon vs Kumquats, Shout out Etiquette, Fast Food Drive Up Facts, TIm Hortens Freshness Debate, IHOP vs Waffle House, The Most Uninteresting News Story In The World, China bans Ghostbusters, Classic Movie Criteria 69 more words


Robber with AK-47 shot by Waffle House customer, DeSoto police say 

The morale of this story is do not screw with Texans they will shoot you.

DeSoto police have identified the suspect in an aggravated robbery at a Waffle House last week. 16 more words