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Waffle Wednesday: Star Wars Waffles

How do you know when you’ve found something truly incredible? Well, if you’re in the waffle-industry, you come to this blog to find out. Today I have found just the item you never knew you needed. 30 more words

Waffle Wednesday

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Waffle Iron Pizza

At the time this post goes up Sarah and I will be somewhere hiking the Montana wilderness. We traded the usual Friday night pizza baking for trout fishing and swatting mosquitoes, but I still wanted to do something pizza-esque mid-week in order to get a short blog post out. 123 more words


Kitchen Hint of the Day!

Thank you to Patty L. for sharing this hint, I’ve never heard of this one!…

Here’s a trick to keep waffles from sticking to the waffle iron: Beat a teaspoon of white wine into the batter. 19 more words


Waffle Wednesday: Mac & Cheese Waffles

Nothing really comes close to the awe that comes from comfort foods. Comfort foods are guaranteed to be delicious and the notion of comfort foods exist to make us all feel warm and toasty inside. 107 more words

Waffle Wednesday

Cook Puff Pastry in Your Waffle Iron for a Croissant-Like Treat

If you thought waffle iron is a one trick pony. Think again. Let me present the Croffle. When croissant meets waffle. So you take your thought of pastry for the size of my waffle iron I cut it into quarters.

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