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Breakfast, the first meal of the day and arguably the most important.  Over the years I have learned if I do not start my day with breakfast and a cup of coffee then I am grumpy and not feeling great come 11am.  399 more words


Making my first Waffles

Do you know what a waffle is? Seriously I am yearning to hear a NO. It’s a breakfast dish that originated in France but eaten all over the world. 675 more words

Absolutely Utopian

Lip-Smacking HVD Belgium Waffles - With Mouth-Watering Tricks & Toppings

Belgium actually offers many delicacies like chocolate, french-fries, beer etc…Although even today many families and regions in Belgium still guard their old ancestral recipes as a priced possession or precious secret. 506 more words

Baking Appliance

Wonder Waffles

I always thought of waffles as a bit of a faff. For starters, they need their very own dedicated cooking hardware, but then I made a giant batch of them and uncovered the benefits of mass waffle production: 249 more words

W is for Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese

Working out a of a small kitchen means making the most out of your appliances. I am all for dual-purpose appliances and I love my toaster oven for that very reason! 375 more words


3 Things

Hooded Mesa Dress [Ace + Jig]

Carter Oxfords in Olive – Brown [Tibi]

Taiyaki Pan [Happy Sales]