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Chicken and Waffles, Minus the Waffles

Today marks the end of Week One of my kitchen renovation. I use the word renovation loosely, however, as it is more of a building of a kitchen rather than a renovation of a kitchen. 776 more words


Technical support ...

At work today …

Does it cook waffles correctly?


Waffled Crab Cakes

Hey friends!  I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday.  We spent the weekend at Ocean Isle Beach and it was glorious.  My brother + SIL + baby nephew were down with us and we enjoyed lots of sunshine, baby snuggles and delicious eats.   189 more words

Loaded Taters | Father's Day Breakfast

Before our son was even conceived let alone a plan, my husband and I started to refer to our one-day-future-child-to-be as our little tater tot… 485 more words


Crispy Hash Brown - in the waffle maker!

When you have a hungry baby home from boarding and demands food at any given time of the day…. that’s the time you start thinking especially when he wakes up at 11.45 a.m. 193 more words


Home Ground Beef, A Tasty Burger

We often watch “Cook’s Country” on television.  Their forte is taking well known or classic recipes and try to make them better.  One episode they wanted to recreate the classic greasy spoon, roadside restaurant fried burger that was popular in the late 50’s and early 60’s with people taking long car trips.   429 more words


Waffle's Galore Yum

Waffle Day, what, what. Are you a fan? Is there a specific type of waffle you tend to lean toward? Now-a-days there are so many different types, and you can get fruit or cinnamon in them, or even on them. 254 more words