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Colours and softness

I’ve been bitten by a cottolin bug, I think, as out of the last four projects I wove three of them in cottolin.

And that’s what I noticed: the same yarn dyed in different colors has different softness and thickness. 88 more words


Jack of All Trades

´╗┐So the heddle thing was a reference to my rigid heddle loom, I’m currently attempting to create as close to a waffle weave as I can but it is incredibly hard with out multiple shafts! 49 more words


Finished the waffle towels!

Watching the transformation of the woven fabric after wash never stops to amaze me. It is a huge difference in huck and huck lace patterns, but even more so in waffle! 11 more words


Have you used a temple?

And I am not talking about religion here. Ask a weaver this question, and they will understand you immediately. A temple, or a stretcher, is used to prevent the edges of the weaving to curl up while weaving. 24 more words


Live and learn

Look at how the orange stripes are gone in the black and white version! I usually take a bnw photo of yarn when I plan a new project, to understand how the selected threads will blend and work in fabric. 27 more words


Dressing the loom, part 3

All 865 threads in. And I started slaying the reed! I can now see the orange and blue stripes shaping up.