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However you want to call them, let’s just all admit one thing. We love them. I love them. You love them.

They’re warm. 239 more words


Tasks to while away a wet afternoon …

One of the things I’ve discovered this year is the joy of citizen science. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, it’s a way of putting the vast connectivity of the internet to actual use in solving scientific problems. 791 more words

Actually Useful

ButterKnife Folk -Dainty French Pastry From A Takeaway Shop At River Valley Road

Wah all the pastries are damn CHIO! We had our eyes glued to the selection there, with vibrant colours ranging from red to yellow to white and brown. 317 more words


Nice to Meetcha!

Hey There!

Were you just bored; wandering around Google (Bing, Yahoo, or whatever tickles your fancy really), or did you come here with intent 106 more words


Pancake Pun

A few nights ago, I was reading Benson puns and one-liners from http://Pun.me.

The idea was to prime the pump and get his juices going. 79 more words


A Cacophony in Dutch

elgiumOh, after the weekend my brain was a wreckage. I entered a complete zombiemode on Sunday and Monday came as a relief. It would at least bring some order to the cacophony. 710 more words