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Graffiti brunch 

I had been wanting to try Graffiti for awhile (I loved Reddstone that used to be in this location in Battery Park, and the lovely patio is exactly the same).  506 more words

It's Time to Bae Professional

So week three here we go…

First, here I am with a Goblet of beer bigger than my face. Enjoy.

On Wednesday we had another group trip planned. 893 more words

My First CD

There isn’t much to say about this Video as the title is pretty much self explanatory. I threw it together in an afternoon when I decided the video I had actually filmed was too long. 7 more words


The Year of the Dog. Mine, specifically.

Why hello from sunny 2015.

I say sunny, but really it’s the middle of winter. That hasn’t stopped the last few weekends from being absolutely stunning though! 417 more words


Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium.
July 5, 2014

Brussels. Sounds like Brussels sprouts to me. I expected Belgian chocolate and let’s be honest here, that in itself is enough of a reason to trek out to Belgium. 512 more words


Movenpick specialise in swiss ice creams and desserts. They have 3 franchises here at Victoria, so I went to Box Hill franchise since it is close to me locally. 203 more words

Sweet Tooth