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Make your very own Japanese Raindrop Cake 【Video】

Tanabata, also known as the Star Festival, is once again on our doorstep and now with this “how to” video you can make your very own Raindrop Cake to celebrate! 338 more words


Tea Ceremonies and Japanese Sweets

(I’ve always found the Japanese tea ceremonies fascinating, but complicated and intimidating.  Yet the more I learn about these ancient rituals, the more their beautiful simplicity becomes obvious.   26 more words

Tea Ceremonies and Japanese Sweets

As part of the Nanzan Summer Program, I’ve been taking a tea ceremony class every Friday for the past 3 weeks.  Although I’ve only had a crash course in this ancient art, I’ve really been enjoying these weekly classes, and I think that tea ceremony is an absolutely beautiful tradition. 736 more words

One Piece anime character now appears as Japanese wagashi tea ceremony sweet

Centuries of Japanese tradition welcomes a contemporary anime character to its ranks. 205 more words


Ajisai / Hydrangea

It rains a lot here in London these days and it is ‘Tsuyu 梅雨’ the Rainy season in Japan now too. Japanese like associating things with each season and we have a special name ‘ 289 more words


Another Crazy Saturday

Lately it seems that my weekends have two speeds: fuller than previously thought possible and more barren than the Sahara after a drought.  This past weekend was another one of the crazy ones.   360 more words