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Field Report: Slurping, sipping, and stepping my way around Matsue, Japan (07 July 2015)

Matsue’s eponymous castle might be its most famous attraction, but a single leisurely afternoon spent in this historic corner of Shimane Prefecture allowed me to sample a few other treasures that I’d completely missed on my first visit here. 927 more words


Satsuma Imo Yōkan

Wagashi- traditional Japanese confectionery- tends to be an elegant and artistic representation of the season.   As we’ve recently passed the equinox and the cooler nights are starting to extend, nature is gradually turning from green to red and it’s time to embrace the change and eat something a little more Autumnal.  673 more words

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Healthy Tokushima Sweet Potato Sweets

Made this Wagashi (Japanese sweets) tonight. Used satsumaimo (sweet potato) called Naruto Kintoki from Tokushima Pref in Wesr Japan.

The step is so simple and fun! 83 more words

Japanese Food

Kaiseki meal in Kyoto

Kyoto is famous for kaiseki cuisine. Kaiseki is an exquisite multi-course meal. It can even be considered as an art form, where one tries to balance the taste, texture, appearance, and colors of food. 429 more words


Taiyaki Ice Cream in New York City

A Traditional Japanese Sweet filled with Soft-serve Ice Cream

Taiyaki (たい焼き) in Japan


What Up Wagashi

We had a wagashi workshop after class today! Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets, typically including anko and prettiness. I’ve eaten them pretty much everyday after dinner since okaa-san is a boss/food addict, so I’m pretty well-acquainted with them at this point, but making them is a whole ‘nother  thing. 529 more words


Types of Wagashi: 和菓子

A short introduction to “wagashi,” meaning Japanese sweets. There are many types, so let me review a few of the common ones. This focuses on… 500 more words

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