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What Up Wagashi

We had a wagashi workshop after class today! Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets, typically including anko and prettiness. I’ve eaten them pretty much everyday after dinner since okaa-san is a boss/food addict, so I’m pretty well-acquainted with them at this point, but making them is a whole ‘nother  thing. 529 more words


Types of Wagashi: 和菓子

A short introduction to “wagashi,” meaning Japanese sweets. There are many types, so let me review a few of the common ones. This focuses on… 500 more words

Japanese Foods

Yakumo Saryo Asacha Breakfast

Yakumo Saryo

Yakumo Saryo

Yakumo Saryo is a tea lover’s paradise that is open for breakfast. It doesn’t serve coffee, so if you are like me, have an espresso before you come. 273 more words


Moon Rabbits

I have roughly explained about ‘Chushu‘ (the Middle of Autumn Day) and the Full Moon viewing custom in Japan in the previous post. However, there is another key character in this Story. 352 more words


Miyabi Teahouse Nakamoto: みやび茶屋仲元

Miyabi Teahouse Nakamoto みやび茶屋仲元 is a small tea house located in Okinawa city, off a back alley from Rt. 330 past the Rycom mall. You might not realize it exists, unless you recognize the hiragana for dorayaki どらやき on a purple flag in the alley and then think to follow it down an even more narrow alley to a parking lot leading to what appears to be an unmarked house except for the Okinawa City Omotenashi (おもてなし “hospitality”) flag outside the door. 247 more words


[ Beitou ] Wagashi & Lunch in the Museum

The cool thing about living in Taipei is you can attend all sorts of classes, some of which might not be so easily accessible even in its “country of origin”. 579 more words


Wagashi Kurogi

Tucked in a corner of prestigious Tokyo University, the Daiwa Ubiquitous Research Building is difficult to miss due to its unique architecture of wooden slabs, but more importantly, the building is home to a unique restaurant, Wagashi Kurogi. 64 more words