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We tried making edible jewels: One recipe gives you three delicious versions!

Remember those beautiful edible “jewels” that we shared with you a couple of weeks ago? Made simply from sugar, agar-agar, and a beverage of your choice, the jewels are both pretty to look at and make a cool – in both senses of the word – summer treat. 1,189 more words


The Quest For Wagashi Continues...

… Because, frankly, importing isn’t working. But, finding a good one like this yuzu mochi will suffice for the time being. 6 more words

Food Pr0n!

A beautiful and glittering Kyoto confection perfect for enjoying a starry summer's night

If you’ve never tried traditional Japanese sweets, you will find that they are certainly very different from those in the west. They are not as sweet… 284 more words


Looking for a neat summer treat? Why not make some beautiful, edible jewels? 【Recipe】

When the perfect summer treats come to mind, most people probably think of frozen treats like ice cream or popsicles. These icy sweets are perfect for a hot sweltering day, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, perhaps something a little less melty that you can take with you without having to eat right away, why not try your hand at making these cool-looking… 451 more words


Food Industry Art in Japan

This is the last post on the Report of my visit to Japan. It is also supposed to be the post for Day 4 ( 358 more words


Wagashi with Hashiba Jiro

 和菓子 (wagashi) is the Japanese style of confectionary. The main ingredients used in the creation of wagashi are soy, red azuki beans, white azuki beans, sugar, sakura, and natural gelatin. 494 more words

The JET Files

A box from Japan

Ohayou gozaimasu´~~~

I’m so happy today. Another surprise came to my door, yeay!!!

I received this box full of Japanese sweets from my close friend. She received a parcel from her sister in Japan a few days ago and she shared some with me. 298 more words