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My Humble Wagashi Creations

Ever since my first wagashi (Namagashi, to be specific) class in Kanazawa in April, I have been spellbound by the beautiful creations made by wagashi masters, the meaning behind different wagashi for each season and their purpose in festivals and tea ceremonies. 112 more words

Little Treats

Matcha Soy Latte (Chilled)

It is mid summer now. Even here in London it is very hot. I always have afternoon tea with a piece of cake and a cup of Earl Grey Tea or Coffee, but sometimes I rather want to have something cold instead of a hot drink during summertime. 210 more words

Japanese Food

What is Kinako (きな粉) ?

Have you heard of ‘Kinako? If you like Japanese sweets, Kinako is one of the ingredients you come across occasionally. It is a yellowy powder substance that is made of Soybeans. 367 more words


Hubby Bento #16

This bento box was made from left-over ingredients from my pantry and fridge. Since I just got back from a weekend trip, did not have time to do grocery. 492 more words

Little Bentos


Although I haven’t manage to post ‘How to Make An/Anko’ yet, I decided to go ahead with this post by thinking that presumably some readers know what… 327 more words


We tried making edible jewels: One recipe gives you three delicious versions!

Remember those beautiful edible “jewels” that we shared with you a couple of weeks ago? Made simply from sugar, agar-agar, and a beverage of your choice, the jewels are both pretty to look at and make a cool – in both senses of the word – summer treat. 1,189 more words