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50 Shades of Tokyo Desserts | Shade 04: Kosoan - Tokyo’s Secret Nook for Exquisite Matcha & Wagashi

I won’t lie, when I found this place I had a selfish desire to keep it to myself. However, an overpowering voice of a blogger inside me won and here I am, writing a story about a wonderful hidden gem my friend Mandy and I recently discovered. 855 more words


A taste of the San'in region: Furoshiki Warabi Mochi

Every region of Japan has a wealth of omiyage. These might be items to take home as your own souvenirs, but perhaps more characteristic are the individually packaged snacks meant to be shared by a large group, such as your colleagues. 447 more words

Local Anecdotes

Wagashi 2.0

I am terrible eater.  I am certainly better than I once was — I was the child who survived on honey sandwiches until the age of ten. 1,226 more words


Matcha at Noon with baked sweet potato and ginger Senbei cookie

Matcha at Noon with baked sweet potato and ginger Senbei cookie on Yagasuri Yomogi cotton placemat which is available at my shop.
Click here to visit my shop. 7 more words

On My Daily Life

Wagashi and the changing seasons

The tea ceremony is a tradition in Japan that dates back to the 9th century, when Buddhism was first introduced to the country, but has changed form dramatically over time to become the heavily Zen-influenced ritual it is today. 297 more words

Architectural Ikkôan Book Captures the Beauty of Wagashi

Japanese patissier Chikara Mizukami dedicates this gorgeous book to the art of traditional sweet cakes called wagashi. Wagashi is an art form that evolved from the ancient imperial capital of Kyoto. 406 more words


🎶 "Haru yo Koi, Hayaku Koi"🎵

🎶 “Haru yo Koi, Hayaku Koi”🎵

Thia is a Japanese song for Children. “Come here, Spring. Hurry up, Spring”. It is sung from a child’s point of view. 241 more words