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Japanese confectionery (Wagashi)

I got some tasty Japanese confectionery (wagashi)!

There are four kinds of wagashi from Issunboshi.

抹茶クリームとこしあんのとろけ具合、脳に溶けていく感じとでも言いましょうか。 106 more words


Winter 'Market' is Coming!

It’s very fast! Too fast that Time passes! It’s nearly December. I though 2015 has just started. I cannot believe it. It means Christmas is coming soon too. 227 more words


Workshop 1 in Kanazawa

tools and ingredients


Wagashi I made

I visited Kanazawa with my wife last weekend. The domain of Kaga, which is the previous town name of Kanazawa in Edo period, was the biggest town except Edo at the time. 315 more words


Kuri Manjū

Kuri manjū is a popular kind of wagashi (traditional desert) with the outside is made of flour, rice powder, and buckwheat. It is filled with sweet bean paste (kuri) which is chestnut. 14 more words

Life Cycles

Japanese experience ~ Tea ceremony at Chazen

Please check part 1 here if you had not read it yet!

Japanese tea experience

The next one is Japanese Tea ceremony, one of the most remarkable aspect of Japan’s traditional culture. 481 more words


'Manju' in Autumn Theme

One of the things I was looking forward to when I went back to Japan was of course ‘Manju (まんじゅう)’ the Japanese sweet. I can make some by myself but I just wanted to try some very good ones that I cannot find in London. 123 more words


Halloween Ghost(busters) Daifuku

It’s a Halloween tonight! I live in England so I am going to be subtle in this more American tradition.

I have been thinking about making some kind of Japanese sweet in Halloween style but did not have much time. 99 more words