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Japan: Japanese Sweets Wagashi Making Class

I made 4 types of wagashi at Kanshundo in Kyoto. It was a really fun experience. 291 more words


Kinds of Daifuku

Daifuku which literally means “Great Luck” is a kind of Japanese dessert that is often served every New Year for, you guessed it, good luck. Daifuku or Mochi is made with glutinous rice with filling that varies from ice cream to strawberries to grass paste! 346 more words


KONNICHIWA! - Minamoto Kitchoan

In my previous blog about Hina Matsuri (Japanese daughter’s day), I have mentioned “Wagashi”, the dessert most associated with Hina Matsuri. Well, if you want to taste it, there is a Wagashi store called… 497 more words

Japanese Culture

Too adorable to eat Animal Manju

 I came across this very famous animal manju from Japanese confectioner  Namikoshiken while surfing on rakuten. They are little palm sized buns filled with various flavours like azuki beans, chocolate or white bean paste. 88 more words

Little Treats


It is fun to make Wagashi. This is one of traditional Japanese sweets for tea ceremony. Pure white anko is inside and the outside is also anko with rice powder. 38 more words


Fun Cooking

ANKO / あんこ

1kg of white bean became 2kg of anko! Creamy bean paste is a traditional Japanese sweets ingredients. We use anko something like how Dutch people use almond paste. 10 more words


Love Book: Japanese sweets

Welcome guests with Japanese Sweets
ISBN4-09-310355-0 (2003)