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Mantras of Slavery, Mantras of Freedom

Chris Hedges gets it so right in his latest piece (latest piece I’ve read, anyway) for Truthdig.  While the piece is ostensibly about the farce elections in America, Hedges can’t help but get in as many digs at the system as he possibly can (which is a good thing if you ask me).  1,129 more words

Debt Slavery

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Punching Your Boss In The Face

There comes a point in every adult’s life where you just want to punch your boss’s brains out. Or maybe just rough them up a little—one little punch wouldn’t hurt, right? 565 more words

No-Vacation Nation - Medieval peasants got a lot more vacation time than you

We often bask in the glory of our technological advances, but lost in our consciousness is the deepening failures of our social paradigms.

Life for the medieval peasant…

461 more words


It is like some steampunk nightmare
Where working overtime is a racket
When what was time and a half pay
On the day I get my check, I make less; 322 more words


Corporations & companies retaliate against workers & unions

The High Cost of Fighting for $15


Employees & workers who don’t obey and keep their mouths shut will be punished. If you’re like Oliver and ask for ‘more please’ you’re going to get slapped down. 26 more words


This woman should sue Days Inn and The Washington Post should help her & pay legal expenses

The Firing of This Minimum Wage Worker Reveals Why We Need More Labor Reporting | The Nation


I feel sorry for this woman having to work for such a manager and company, not to mention in a state like Arkansas. 52 more words