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A Deep Breathe for the Slave Race

I am extending my heart to the young’n. Your life is early, it is not too late.  Repent now in your ignorant freedom lest that germ of dogma nestles into your soul. 534 more words



Wow! The unemployment rate supposedly just went to the lowest rate since 2008. That should be awesome news (if true), but it really isn’t because wages aren’t increasing.  118 more words

Everything Is Rigged

I am retired (ish)

Today was my last day at my current former employer. Wow does it feel good to write those words. It feels even better to write the following: if everything goes to plan, I will never have to take another wage-slaved job  420 more words

Top Five Shit Jobs

Like so many in this Age of Austerity, I’m unemployed. “Then get a job,” the uninitiated will mutter, most likely assuming you simply choose not to work, choosing instead to dance around to the Pointer Sisters in your robe all day, between porn marathons in which you clear the corner shop shelves of man-sized tissues, with food and rent money scuttling through the post slot from Immigrant and Single Mother Heaven on High. 1,909 more words


Highway Robbery -- Rant

Welcome to America, where capitalism is king, and the rules mean nothing. I live in a city known for atrocious utility prices, on the eastern coast of the U.S. 840 more words

Social Justice

Letters From the Cubicle Farm

The best days of our lives are being stolen from us. The pay that they give us will not even be a slight recompense to what they take. 356 more words


Seoul Rumination 2

My friend is right, she says the world has to raise the level of love. It has to be that this is done under the governmental level and by something akin to a show of hands. 220 more words