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'Daylight Saving' and the Tyranny of the Clock

Many enjoy this time of year because of the increased daylight hours and sunshine, and I must admit, I too have been out enjoying the sun and her benevolent rays (which we see rather little of in Northern Britain). 1,501 more words

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Wage Slavery

In the cartoon by an unknown author, what stands in the center of the drawing is a fat man standing on a barrel to demonstrate that he has something important to say. 504 more words

Transatlantic Slavery (3/13-3/17)

Would Wage Slavery Still Exist in Anarcho-Capitalism?

One of the common left anarchist critiques of market anarchism, especially anarcho-capitalism, is the existence of “wage slavery”. Generally the concept is understood as such: Within contemporary capitalism, sometimes referred to as crony capitalism or state capitalism, there exists a compulsion to work for a wage. 990 more words

Jim Keady: Behind the Swoosh (Nike) (must-see)

Dandelion Salad
Originally posted Aug. 25, 2009

Thanks to Jim for allowing me to post his video here.

by Jim Keady
August 14, 2009 100 more words


The benign glade of Anarchy

Some years ago I likened anarchy to a forest glade, each form of life flourishing in its own sovereign way as it is able, calling no ‘other’ master. 1,129 more words


You are being skimmed. 

I often wonder why we accept less than we deserve, or why we have no clue as to what our actual value really is when it comes to our energy output. 152 more words

Wage Slavery

Wage Slave or Employee...?

Are you an employee or a wage slave? Oh…you have not heard of the term “wage slave?”

Well, a wage slave or wage slavery refers to a situation where a person’s livelihood depends on wages or a salary. 671 more words