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Burger Flippers Matter: Thousands March on McDonald's for $15 Hour

With a $15 an hour minimum wage being a key rallying factor for the Democratic Party in 2016, hordes of activists marched on McDonald’s locations yesterday. 567 more words

OWNED v. RENTED: Know your place in history...

BARBADOS.  There is something called SLAVE WAGES.  Prior to pretending to set slaves free you were OWNED by the white man.  Post the imaginary freeing of slaves, you are RENTED.   286 more words

Naked Departure

Forced Entrepreneurship: Finding Freedom From Wage Slavery

Getting laid off is a right of passage.

It will likely happen to you more than once if you participate in Corporate America. So you’ll do what everyone does: file for unemployment and begin the arduous process of looking for a new job. 1,000 more words


Confessions of a rent-a-worker

Temp agencies. They’re the bottom feeders lurking in the depths of our faltering economy. Why do we need staffing agencies–whose supposed purpose is to help people find work–when the real unemployment rate is over 10%? 1,296 more words

Economic Rights

A Response to Paul Graham's Article on Income Inequality

While perusing HackerNews today, I encountered this article and this comment thread by Paul Graham (PG for short), founder of Ycombinator. I think that a lengthy response is in order. 2,521 more words

Critical Thinking

Would You Like Fries With That?

The most popular joke told to a Liberal Arts major of any kind is that their degree is nothing more than a piece of paper that will grant them the privilege of asking customers: “Would You Like Fries With That”.   88 more words

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