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This Is What Happens When You Look For Work

People just give you other places to look:

And other people assume you’re not looking, not looking hard enough, or give you places to look as well. 38 more words


Full of Fears

It is no surprise that I pause and think about walking backwards the way I came, a boy, on a beach in Barbados, fitting his feet into footprints in the sand left by tourists who have returned to the places that are not, for them, an escape. 981 more words

Calgary man accused of child sex assaults in Manitoba

Reports last month of child sex assaults that took place over the past eight years in rural Manitoba have led to an arrest in Calgary. … 200 more words


Modern Day Slavery: Wage Slaves

This is part two of three posts about modern day slavery. Here is the first, End Modern Slavery: https://rantingsfromavirtualsoapbox.wordpress.com/2018/02/08/end-modern-slavery/

Unrecognised modern Slavery – “wage slaves.” 2,084 more words

Human Rights

Breaking Bad Habits -- How a Hangover Started my Journey to Financial Independence

Soldiers run on alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and junk food.  This was my life for years: I’d drink nightly, power through the next day with Monsters and Red Bulls, eat gas station food for lunch, and toss in fat dips at all times throughout the day.   1,029 more words

Financial Independence

Lack of Motivation

Fuck this.

You ever hit that breaking point at a job?  Have a moment of clarity?  Did you enter a state of nirvana where you just know you gotta find something else to do? 724 more words

Financial Independence



Get this: because the business I was working at didn’t pay the “labour hire” (what am I, a stand up paddle board?) company I still technically work for. 353 more words