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The value of a college degree … and, the drag of not having one.

Here’s a chart that caught my eye re: the value of a college degree …

Since the mid-60s, the real wages of a worker holding a bachelor’s degree have increased by about 40%. 126 more words

Employment - Jobs

Wages, productivity … and women.

Hot topic these days is how wages have remained stagnant for a long, long time … while productivity – think output per labor-hour has soared. 232 more words


They took 'r Jobs!!! Or did they?

I love South Park.  Parody on the ridiculous stuff that goes on every day.  Most of the time the writers hit the target.  And I laugh.  615 more words


Walmart: The economic cost of social wage hikes …

Earlier this year, CNN reported (and editorialized):

Retail workers have just scored an unprecedented win against a retail giant.

Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, announced that it will raise the wages of approximately 500,000 of its employees by lifting its base wage to $10 by 2016.

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Deny-Side Economics

Thomas Suddes, a member of the Plain Dealer editorial board writes:

Fact One: In 2013, half of Ohio’s households had an income above $46,398 — and half below $46,398. 199 more words



Wow! The unemployment rate supposedly just went to the lowest rate since 2008. That should be awesome news (if true), but it really isn’t because wages aren’t increasing.  118 more words

Everything Is Rigged