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The value of a college degree … and, the drag of not having one.

Here’s a chart that caught my eye re: the value of a college degree …

Since the mid-60s, the real wages of a worker holding a bachelor’s degree have increased by about 40%. 126 more words

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Wages, productivity … and women.

Hot topic these days is how wages have remained stagnant for a long, long time … while productivity – think output per labor-hour has soared. 232 more words


They took 'r Jobs!!! Or did they?

I love South Park.  Parody on the ridiculous stuff that goes on every day.  Most of the time the writers hit the target.  And I laugh.  615 more words


Walmart: The economic cost of social wage hikes …

Earlier this year, CNN reported (and editorialized):

Retail workers have just scored an unprecedented win against a retail giant.

Walmart, the nation’s largest private employer, announced that it will raise the wages of approximately 500,000 of its employees by lifting its base wage to $10 by 2016.

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