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11: Blogtober: That's the ish I don't like

As you can already tell by the title, this is about to be a rant!!

As someone who snitches on herself all the time, it absolutely drives me insane when people don’t hold themselves accountable for things that happen to them or their mistakes. 231 more words

20 Something

Manuals and Handbooks: How Not To Break Up.

Lately, my life has been quite hectic, plenty to tell but very little time. I start my new job this coming Thursday – better pay, better working conditions, much nicer area but worse snobbish clients, a girl could wish for more but for now, this will do. 1,915 more words


Hook-Ups, Wahala and Other Misfortunes....

I have never considered myself to be completely/absolutely, undeniably stupid or foolish but on occasion, if asked to rate my behavior on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being extraordinarily clever and 10 being utterly stupid, I’d rate myself a 9.3 (and that’s with such leniency applied lol). 1,199 more words


PROBLEMS...a world of limitless opportunities

Problem? Problems?? Problem! Now that is one word you will not find in the Bible, yet it is one thing with enough potential to lift a man up and to break him down. 1,405 more words


The Baptism of Muritala

There is a peculiar experience you get when you land at Muritala Mohammed International Airport. A baptism that is one part familiarity, one part nostalgia, and two parts disappointment. 519 more words


Marriage Wahala

Know how I said I love advice columns? Well, they are a two-edged sword.

I was having insomnia last night- normal thing for me- and I stumbled on an online forum for “couples and intending couples”, where people brought up their problems, and other people weighed in. 405 more words


Ash Hamman Ft. Orezi & Igho – Wahala [DOWNLOAD]

Dubbed ‘Dubai’s king of R & B’, Ash Hamman comes back on the R&B radar with this new track called “Trouble” featuring the Shuperu hitmaker Orezi and Igho. 20 more words