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Attack, Slaughter and Enslave: Gimme That Old Time Religion?

To understand the cultural forces propelling ISIS, analysts turn to the 18th century and the rise of Wahhabism. Unfortunately for Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, who wanted to reform Islam without violence, his movement was taken up for political reasons by Muhammad Ibn Saud, who, like any self-respecting desert chieftain, sought to take over as much of the world as possible. 502 more words

Human Nature

A Delayed promise for Victory

Oath which every Libyan of age took on 02 March 1977:


The Glory of the Universal Green Charter for Mankind

and all of Allah’s creatures, 12 JUNE 1988: 6,091 more words


The Taman Medan incident: Thank goodness for the moderates

In but the latest of a long series of assaults on religious freedom in Malaysia, a group of Muslims picketed a small Christian congregation in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur last Sunday demanding that the cross on the outside wall of the church be taken down. 1,127 more words


Saudi Arabia Policeman Killed During Raid

A Saudi policeman has been killed, and three others injured, after a raid in the country’s eastern province devolved into a gunfight. 266 more words


Saudi Enters the Fray: Is Yemen the New Lebanon?

News broke this morning that Saudi Arabia entered Yemen after amassing troops along the shared border. With the backing of other GCC countries, Saudi Arabia is also joined by Jordan. 460 more words


How does ISIS approach Islamic scripture?

Will says Islamic, Salafi, Sunni are some words we can use but are not accurate to describe ISIS mentality. I normally use Wahhabi I think it best describe the mentality.

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