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Saudi monarchy has already lost its war in Yemen: Nasr Allah of Hezbollah has manhandled this obscurantist monarchy of Al Saud "worthless pride"

Saudi monarchy has lost its war in Yemen

Its illusory power purchased in malignant medias and with sectarian alliances:

Hassan Nasr Allah (General Secretary of… 271 more words


PREVENT, Pre-crime and the Colonial Continuity

The background to this and subsequent blog to be published are the subtle transformations taking place in the context of pre-crime counter-terrorism policies and their interaction with Muslims.   1,627 more words

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The Saudi Islamist conundrum

The vast majority of Islamic terrorism is Sunni. How do the governments in Sunni Muslim societies tackle Islamic jihadism that threatens to overthrow existing Sunni governments which the jihadis label “apostates?” A fascinating example is what happened in Saudi Arabia when what the Saudis would call “Islamic extremist jihadis” took control of the holy mosque in Mecca in 1979. 145 more words


Our Saudi Arabian Frenemy

Saudi Arabia is our new best friend, right? Unfortunately, no. But my goodness, it’s complicated.

The Arab and Muslim world is in flux and chaos. The need to halt Iran’s drive for regional hegemony, and the resulting Shia dominance over the Sunni Islamic world, has driven the Saudis into a tacit alliance not only with America but also, even more remarkably, with Israel. 154 more words


What the Heck is an "Islamist"?

You’ve seen it. We all have. The term “Islamist” being thrown around as soon as any Muslim with even a whiff of devotion comes into focus. 799 more words


UK report: Saudis funding “extremism,” May accused of coverup, “kowtowing” to Saudis

The Saudi funding of “extremism” throughout the West is no secret. The UK has become a model country for colossal cover-ups: first there was the mass rape of young girls by Muslim grooming gangs and the facilitation of abuse of women in its sharia courts, and now there is the Henry Jackson Society report below about the Wahhabi ideology being exported to Britain (and throughout the West) by Saudi Arabia, and covered up by Theresa May. 68 more words