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Bashar Al-Assad Interview: “Al Qaeda was created by the Americans with the help of Saudi Wahhabi money”. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar support ISIS


Global Research, November 20, 2015

TV Channel RAI UNO 19 November 2015

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to Italian TV channel RAI UNO… 3,295 more words

Our #NewBookoftheWeek is 'The Wahhabi Mission and Saudi Arabia' by David Commins

David Commins’ book, The Wahhabi Mission and Saudi Arabia, is our #NewBookoftheWeek at Murray State University–this book was chosen prior to the events in… 178 more words

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It's ISIS, not Islam

I really hate it when people all over the world show their lack of education and understanding about a subject. I particularly hate it when those people are in the United States and therefore reflect poorly on the rest of the American population. 752 more words

Jarang ada Film Sebagus (dan Sepenting) ini

Sebuah film tentang Nabi Muhammad SAW yang belum lama beredar telah menyedot perhatian jutaan orang di dunia. Dilansir pada tahun 2015 ini, film produksi Majid Majidi itu mengisahkan tentang perjalanan hidup Sang Nabi sejak lahir hingga beliau berusia remaja. 635 more words

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Yemeni Heritage vandalized by the Wahhabi Saudi monarchy

Yemeni Heritage vandalized by the Wahhabi Saudi monarchy

For more than 10 years, I was one of a number of American and Yemeni archaeologists surveying and excavating sites dating to the fabled South Arabian kingdoms and beyond, to prehistoric times. 1,164 more words



Back in the many-days-ago, immediately following the death of the Prophet Muhammad, Muslims divided over the question of who should lead the “Umma” (the Faithful). Should it be some prominent person who enjoyed wide deference among Arabs or should it be a blood relative? 592 more words

Wars Of The Middle East

The War on Syria: The Major Political Players, Humanitarian Crisis

In May 2014, the Syria Centre for Policy Research in Damascus released a report on the economic and social conditions in Syria. Its findings were staggering. 7,683 more words

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