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When Ibrahim Pasha killed Shaykh Sulaymān Ibn ‘Abdillāh Ibn Muḥammad Ibn ‘Abdil-Waḥḥāb (may Allāh have mercy upon them all), he wanted to enrage Shaykh Sulaymān’s father, Shaykh ‘Abdullāh Ibn Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdil-Waḥḥāb (may Allāh have mercy upon them both). 197 more words


Video Report: Poet Faced Beheading - Reduced 8 Years Prison

This New Sentence Reverses An Earlier Ruling of Four Years In Jail and 800 Lashes. A new judge sentenced a man to death 917 more words
Human Rights

KSA: Director Discuses The Filming Of Saudi Arabia Uncovered

In January of 2015, a man named Raif Badawi was lashed in public in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah. His crime? Blogging critically about the role of religion in Saudi life in… 1,218 more words

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Documentary: James Jones - Saudi Arabia Uncovered

The resulting documentary — Saudi Arabia Uncovered — is a rare window into the Saudi kingdom, with stunning undercover footage as its backbone.

It’s a combination of footage filmed by… 233 more words

Human Rights

Al-Albani and Freemasonry

The intrigues of the  Kuffâr  against Islam  and Muslims, the correspondence of which to unfolding events being too glaring to doubt, are accurately delineated in the preceding Zionist excerpt. 4,224 more words

The Salafi Sect

The Deobandi 'Ulama and Muhammad ibn 'Abd al Wahhab

This weak, lowly, undeserving slave asks you to be sincere, and read this without bias, prejudice, nor fanaticism. I ask you, purely for the sake of your Creator (Mighty and Sublime is He), to put aside any hatred, spite, or bitterness which may exist within you, and ponder, sincerely, with the intention of seeking the truth. 2,004 more words


Saudi Arabia and its ideological support of ISIS

IS, Islamic State, didn’t invent the extremist version of religion it propagates, it merely channelled it. When ‘IS’ agitates against Shia Islam, and non-Moslems and kills them, it shows close parallels to the world view of Saudi Arabian Wahhabism, the radical-conservative interpretation of Sunni Islam, which is the state religion Saudi Arabia. 545 more words