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Can We Blame Wahhabi Islam for Global Terrorism?

In July 2013, Wahhabism was declared the main source of global terrorism by the European Parliament. With countless others in the West claiming the same, how far can such terrorism really be attributed to the religion? 455 more words

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How does one explain these photos?

How does one explain these photos? Considering they are always covering their faces, do you believe that ISIS has been set up by s sinister non Muslim source to try and make Muslims look like barbaric savages?


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The photo in this re-blogged post shows supposed "Muslims" praying together in various directions, which is something pretty weird as the Muslim Qibah is only one direction. No Muslim that I know of do such a strange thing so who are these people? are they fakes or pretenders, or is it that they are just showing their actual complete ignorance of the religion of Islam?

The Shia Volunteers Turning the Tide against ISIS: Forces Worthy of the World’s Respect

By Karar Mandalawi

Following the capitulation of Iraq’s Security Forces in the wake of the fall of Mosul, Shia paramilitary forces have helped to fill the security void and to protect many cities including Baghdad. 903 more words


The French Disconnection.

So the Wahhabi Sunni militants in Yemen, who are theoretically at war with the Yemeni dictatorship which is aligned with the Saudi dictatorship (although elsewhere in Arabia these militants are usually aligned with, and often funded by, the Saudi dictatorship) decided that they could take no more of the massacres perpetrated against them. 1,657 more words

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The Geopolitical Effect of Dementia: When A National Leader Has Dementia

I’ve read several news articles about the new king of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, that confirm that he has dementia.

King Salman’s ascent to power is essentially a coup from rival family factions in Saudi Arabia. 251 more words

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Funeral of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah held at Al Oud cemetery in Riyadh

SIMPLE BURIAL: People gather as security forces keep watch at Al Oud cemetery in Riyadh prior to the burial of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah. 28 more words

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Wahhabism vs. Islam

This morning I read that Saudi Arabia has postponed Friday’s public flogging of activist and blogger Raif Badawi on medical grounds. Badawi, who set up the “Free Saudi Liberals” website, was arrested in June 2012 for offences which also included cybercrime and disobeying his father – a crime in Saudi Arabia. 563 more words