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Saudi Arabia Offers to Build 200 Mosques in Germany

By Matt Aaron

This is priceless, really.

Saudi Arabia made this generous offer: Let us build 200 mosques for you, Germany. But remember, Saudi Arabia has refused to take in any Syrian refugees themselves.   195 more words

USA: 9/11 Controversial 28 Pages Released - Read Full Report

The House Intelligence Committee has released the 28, previously classified pages, from a 2002 congressional investigation into the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Today’s publication of these pages brings to a close a years-long effort to declassify them, which had in recent months gained nearly unanimous support throughout Washington. 691 more words

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"Undeserved Pride" (تكبّر غير مستحق)

Chin aloft; standing
on the shoulders of giants –
pissing on their heads!


The Fear Factor

It has been a bloody Ramadan this year with mass killings at Orlando, Paris, Lebanon, Yemen, Baghdad, Istanbul and Dhaka, today one can say that terms like ISIS and terrorism can be used interchangeably! 2,479 more words

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The Florentine Wahhabi

Comparisons are a vital tool for understanding the world and events we are forced to live in and live through, especially events that pose a certain threat to the predictability of our lives and for which we may not know the outcome. 1,011 more words


Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab - Kehidupan, Ajaran-ajarannya serta Pengaruhnya

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

Segala puji kembali kepada Allah, Penerang hati, Penunjuk kepada Jalan yang Lurus. Siapa saja yang diberi petunjuk oleh-Nya maka kebaikanlah baginya dan siapa saja yang dibiarkan-Nya tersesat maka kerugian yang sangatlah bagiannya. 775 more words


Review: The Rise Of Islamic State - by Patrick Cockburn

This is an excellent introductory text for those wishing to better understand the complex details of the rise of Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL. From its arrival due to the Syrian Civil War and its cancerous spread into post-war Iraq, this extremist-terrorist Sunni Islamic (Wahhabi) nation/fundamentalist organisation, has been indefatigable. 241 more words

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