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A Work At Home VA’s Tips

Surely, there’s been a lot of this kind of blog from writers who knows how to write good stuff, and those who have been doing VA work for so long. 753 more words


WAHM (Ongoing) Journey

It’s been awhile – I let myself get caught up in the distractions of  life; we’ve had some mild meningitis (husband, he was okay after a few days), deployments and road trips and doctor’s visits and surgeries (Twin A had a minor eye issue that was corrected through surgery) that have kept me very busy these past few weeks! 868 more words

USMC Spouse

Life Under Construction

Stay tuned as I self-coach to achieve my greatest Swagger…

Life Coach

Today's to-do list

…and I haven’t even folded in “regular” house jobs (sweeping, emptying dishwasher, feeding animals) nor any of my work tasks.

Busy days go by faster! And I figure there are more voyeurs than just me 😁 I love seeing what other people do in a day. 11 more words

Selling Your Stuff

What’s the best way to clean up and clear out some of the excess stuff that is starting to take over your home?

To answer this, first evaluate your goals. 934 more words


On Writing and Mothering

This guest post is by the talented and lovely Brittany Knott. Read more of her beautiful writing on her blog Knee Deep in Lovely.

Nothing motivated me to finish the first draft of my book more than my due date. 566 more words


6 Successful Poshmark Tips

I have been apart of the Poshmark community for a year now and many have asked me how I continue to be successful not just at purchasing great items and outfits for over half the cost, but also making a profit. 1,048 more words