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Kissing Worms

God has blessed our family with wisdom and glimpses of him, even amidst our mess and hard, from even the littlest in our family. Here are words from my dear husband, Michael, written to Ike on his birthday earlier this week after recently having a fishing day together. 260 more words

Engage, Entice, Exist: 3 Ways to Stand Out

When I first started out as a freelance writer, I dabbled in many genres-from health and fitness to real estate and, well, plumbing! Most of this ended in failure because I was so new that I had thrown all of my eggs into one basket each time the basket was passed to me. 620 more words

The Perfect Mom

This is me. Trying to figure out how to take a picture on my phone. I was actually on a canoe with too many people while this was happening, which I think makes this picture pretty impressive. 403 more words


Adventures In Drop Shipping

This week’s adventure started with one of the websites I told you about last week. I signed up for Freelancer.com and started filling out all my skills and went through looking at different jobs I could put bids on to try to get the job awarded to me and make some money. 619 more words


In Case You've Wondered What It's Like

Guilt. There’s been a lot of that.

Because I underestimated what it would be like to be at home. There have been fewer showers, less projects and more chores. 626 more words


Reflections: A Season Ends

I had a really close friend in college tell me out of the blue that we couldn’t be friends anymore. She just stopped hanging out with me. 665 more words


June Vacation Time! Get 20% off for waiting for your hairbows!

Shop is Closing for Two Weeks

The Work At Home  and running your own business thing has its perks!  I’m taking a vacation from the shop to hang with the kids.   218 more words