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Mama, You Have Skills Part 3: Transitioning from Dream to Reality

So, you know what you want to do? You have a “What You Do” statement ready, rehearsed and refined? Okay! I’m so proud of you! 1,083 more words


Self Care as a Small Business Owner and Momma.

This is me, after I had wiped away tears and managed to hug my youngest, who had refused to go to VBS. Not a big deal, right? 335 more words


How to Train Kids to Let You Work

Hi Friends!

It’s tough to be a work-at-home-mama when you need to do all the things.

I’m thinking about this now that my hubby and right hand (my 9-year-old) are out of town for the week. 1,521 more words


five things i've learned from my #wahm life

I didn’t even know what WAHM stood for (no, not WHAM!) until I had Anna. It’s an Internet acronym for Work-At-Home-Mom. AKA, me.

I’ve been working from home since I got married and I took maybe a day off before I ended up diving back into writing after Anna was born. 983 more words

Friday Funnies: Sh*t Moms Say

Before we were parents, we had this editorial Stepford-wife, blissful image of what it was going to be like. The kids would be clean and organized and I would gently teach them the ways of the world in a calm and reasonable voice. 366 more words

I'm just sayin...

LOOK. Waking up at a ridiculously late hour may SEEM like a terrible idea…but it always feels like right after I have breakfast with the kids, I look up and suddenly it’s like ten minutes until that glorious moment when Bryan gets home from work, at which time I can fling my arms wide open to him and proclaim: “I present to you…your children!” and then immediately get a running start towards the door, aim, and slide right past him “home-run” style, narrowly missing being gutted by the doorknob. 42 more words


Molly and Trent - 2016

My husband loves motorbikes. Particularly in the cruiser style. So of course I had to draw a motorbike! With Dinosaurs!

I even made up a story about them. 160 more words