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Yeah, so I haven’t been updating recently, and neither has Gwosco… And when we do, we call another hiatus within a month…

I think he’s given up on blogging, and me, well I was despairing about my lack of posting and activity on anything that isn’t tumblr. 111 more words

Wai On


Webcomics. They are absolutely nothing like your run of the mill everyday comic. Deadpool and spider-man have storylines and plots to follow but webcomics being free internet comics (hence the name) have almost infinitely more freedom. 822 more words


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Yo guys, guess who's back... Most certainly isn't Wai On, the guy who has been too busy 'working' for his exams... Coz that's a lie. He's not been working. At all. Bad doggy. Yes I did just call myself a dog. Not a dawg. A dog. Wan. Anyway, this post is by Jothan, on the collab blog, Life of a Bunch of People.

Merry......uh...... umm........ Saturnalia?


I’m really excited for the whole holiday season! Warm nights, hot chocolate, a relaxing break and hopefully some nice evenings! As you can see below, there are also PRESENTS! 129 more words

The Scrabble

Well today I woke up and thought to myself “Golly, I’d better get my self to Kotaya’s scrabble event!”
That was at 8AM when I was supposed to be at the event at 9:45, I had overslept ever so slightly- so to make up lost time I had a lazy breakfast whilst reading XKCD and slowly got ready to go out, by the time I had it was 9AM, it normally takes me an hour and a half to get to the school where it was organised. 267 more words


What's the plural of hiatus?

Finally finished my mocks, so hiatus over?

I’m a terrible person.

Don’t get me wrong, I like blogging usually, but the fact is, I still have a lack of time (and internet) to update this. 50 more words


The Screwed Up Generations

So recently, my friend, Fahad Tahir, AKA Awesomeness Incarnate, started a blog. This was his opening post.

Both Fahad and I go to this grammar school, which constantly goes on about how we’re the top in the country. 895 more words

Wai On

30 Day Challenge Update B

Rai’s thrown in the towel…

And my will to continue is following her…

Evan can’t post, coz he can’t get to the internet, as well as a lack of time… 56 more words