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I really need to lose some weight. Geez. Most of us have blurted out this line at one point or another. Me, usually when I am stuffing my face. 417 more words


Obesity: What is it and why should we care?

We can’t pick up the paper, go online or turn on the TV without hearing about obesity. Our society is obsessed with it. There is no end to the number of programs willing to take your money with promises of melting fat away without doing anything. 1,030 more words


Development of a screening tool using electronic health records for undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes mellitus and impaired fasting glucose detection

Source: Diabetic Medicine

Follow this link to read an abstract

Date of publication: Feb 18

Publication type: Journal article

In a nutshell: To develop and validate a simplified screening test for undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes mellitus and impaired fasting glucose for the Slovenian population (SloRisk) to be used in the general population. 29 more words

Journal Article

How Fat is Fat?

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Back in the days, people who were “hefty” or “plump” are said to have been blessed by graces and blessings from above.   360 more words


Ginger And Lime Juice

Ginger and Lime Juice contains 100% Ginger and Lime. No preservatives. No sugar. No additives. No flavoring. Just the organic ingredients blended to perfection.

This combination is best for those who wish to detoxify and lose weight especially around the waist area. 274 more words


I've got a bone to pick with the health fair...

So, the school district I work for gives a discount on insurance when we go to the health fair, and the folks at my school are organized enough to volunteer to host a site every year. 811 more words


My Score on the Australian Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool (AUSDRISK)


Sitting in the wife’s GP practice waiting for her to finish work and then take the kids to see Paw Patrol Live, I noticed a pamphlet ‘The Australian Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool’ (or AUSDRISK), and decided to ‘give it a go’. 659 more words