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The Scottish buy more Super XL Size Clothes than anywhere else in the UK

Scots XL when it comes to the bigger sizes…that’s the headline of a story in the Metro newspaper from yesterday.

Scots buy more super XL size clothes than anywhere else in the UK, it has been revealed. 284 more words

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Nuts about Coconut!

Ah coconut oil, it’s the latest craze! It’s what the cabbage soup diet was to the 60’s, the Atkin’s was in the 70’s (and the 90’s), it’s is on every blog you read, ironic, I know. 721 more words

Health Promotion

What does it mean to be healthy?

As we approach swimsuit season, I am sure many of us are making goals to look fit. While it’s a very good thing to make goals that involve eating better or being more active, achieving a certain body can be quite stressful, and when overdone, it could be unhealthy. 771 more words

IKEA skirt

made from curtain fabric…

I put the slab of fabric around me and bend ungracefully to the ground. This told me the amount of fabric I need around my hips, it is a width 104 cm (without seam allowances). 529 more words


What is BMI and how is it calculated and used?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is also known as Quetelet’s index, for it’s inventor¬†Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet, the Belgian astronomer and mathematician who was also influential in introducing statistical methods and analysis to the social sciences. ¬† 457 more words

Bmi And Obesity

Another study indicates fitness more important than fatness for longevity

Recently on one of the lists I was introduced to another study which suggests that one of the most important things we can do to have a longer life is to exercise–at least a little bit.¬† 650 more words

3 Simple Metrics to Determine Overall Health

{Editor’s Note: Throughout 2015, Moxie Life will focus on a single life category each month. In January, we will focus on health and fitness.} 486 more words